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Yearly Instalments

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When I say, “yearly instalments”, what game first springs to mind?  ‘Call of Duty’.  What else?  A new game within this blockbuster of a game series is guaranteed to release each November, and sell in their millions.  Many people use this as ammunition to fuel the fires of their argument against yearly instalments, claiming they are ruining the gaming industry.

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with yearly instalments, as long as each instalment is well-crafted and thought about.  The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ series is a great example of this, as each game since the original has been highly rated by both critics and fans the world over (the exception being, of course, the average ‘Assassin’s Creed III’).  ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ (the most recent game in the series) more than picked up the pieces from the previous game and shows great potential for the Assassin’s Creed name.

Assassin's Creed IV is a great addition the AC series

Assassin’s Creed IV is a great addition the AC series

Unfortunately for the aforementioned Call of Duty, things have not panned out quite so well.  Over the past few years (and, therefore, over the past few iterations), the series is showing signs of deteriorating, and this is reflected in both official and user reviews.  Ideas and trends are repeated, sequels use the same storyline and characters, and the multiplayer has barely changed in recent memory with the same game modes reappearing in both Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s version of everyone’s most loved-to-hate first-person shooter.  These feelings are only increased when EA release their beloved ‘Battlefield’ multiplayer-based FPS title every other year, directly competing with Call of Duty… and it always wins.

Call of Duty and Battlefield have a long-standing and bitter rivalry

Call of Duty and Battlefield have a long-standing and bitter rivalry

However, things are set to change for Call of Duty.  Activision has recently announced plans (effective now) to change the usual two-year developer cycle to a three-year cycle.  This now means that Sledgehammer Games (who collaborated with Infinity Ward and Raven Software for 2011’s ‘Modern Warfare 3’) is joining in on Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s fun, and that they are making this year’s Call of Duty, as opposed to Treyarch.  So, what does this mean for the series as a whole?  Well, now each developer has three years to create their new addition to the franchise, meaning that standards can be expected to rise once again for the brand.  With this being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.

How do you feel about yearly instalments and the new, three-year Call of Duty developer cycle?  As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the matter of yearly instalments.  You do not have to agree with me (although it would be nice).  I hope you enjoyed the article.


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  1. Zachariah White says:

    While I wasn’t really a big fan of recent IW CoDs like MW3 and Ghosts. I feel like Treyarch has really taken over the franchise. Blackops 2 was one of the greatest selling CoD games in the history of the franchise and both Black Ops and it’s sequel are still being played today. I feel that if Sledgehammer released their own CoD since the third person one got cancelled, it may turn out good since in my eyes IW was really bringing down their potential. If Sledgehammer makes a new ip in the franchise and makes it superb my hope in the series would come back since I started with the first Modern Warfare when I was about 9 or 10. I want to have those fond memories I had with that game since my brother scratched my Blackops 2 and all I can play was zombies. It also sucked cause I had the ps3 version and I got the season pass, this is also another thing they should change. If they decide to make the other version users wait make it less then a month like Battlefield or release it at the same time like games like Bioshock. Anyways that’s my rant I hope you enjoyed reading it, now I’m gonna enjoy Civ Rev for the new Games with Gold on Xbox for March. (Yes I own both and a vita I’m not biased towards consoles.)

  2. not a COD fan always buy it once price drops to 20 or so bucks. I rather the game be developed for a few years and be amazing as opposed to rehashing stuff where it all feels like more of the same