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February 19, 2015
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February 19, 2015
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Why a 500 GB Hard Drive Is a Big Problem for PlayStation

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PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s first full year on the market saw blockbuster games, indie titles, lifestyle apps and more, all of which rapidly filled up hard drive space.

With new-generation games occupying increasingly larger amounts of storage than we’ve been used to, the stock 500 GB hard drive inside the new consoles diminishes in space rather sneakily after installing a few full release games, downloadable content packs, and patches. The accessible tools given to players to easily record and share their own gameplay also contributes to the storage issue, especially if it’s something a player revels in.

The small hard drive is a short-sighted restriction, as it isn’t even enough to cope with the content appetite of the average gamer across one year. Although there are a few solutions to mitigate the problem, such as storing save files on the cloud and taking advantage of external drives, micromanagement shouldn’t be part of the Xbox One and PS4 experience that both companies spent so much energy on marketing. We need to start seeing more console options with larger capacities to support the average gamer’s content consumption.

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