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What Are The New Features On The Next-Gen PlayStation App?

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Sony announced earlier this year that they will be launching a new version of its ”PlayStation App” and since then they’ve slowly announced more features so we’ve put them all together into one article.

As well as being available to both the Android and iOS systems, it will turn tablets and smartphones into ‘second screen’ controllers. You may be familiar with this set up if you’ve tried using your smartphone on the YouTube app on PS3 or any Blu Ray film with the feature enabled.

For example this means that gamers will be able to download games whilst they are away from their home console through their mobile device. The PS4 will then awaken from it’s sleep mode, download the item/s and return to it’s sleep mode to ensure it’s not wasting any energy consumption. This feature is somewhat reminiscent of the ‘automatic update’ feature that comes with PS Plus on the PS3, but of course that is not activated through a mobile device which is what makes the new app so great.

Shuhei Yoshida responds to a tweet concerning the ability to download titles to PS4 through the mobile app









The app enables you to chat to your PSN friends through your smartphone or tablet, compare trophies or see what your friends are playing through live stream.  Sony gave the example of the ability to “see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game” which sounds very promising indeed.

In some cases you can even play games through your second screen. Battlefield 4 has announced their second screen feature by allowing mobile players to play the role of the commander and actually have real time impacts in a game featuring up to 64 PS4 players. Having seen hints in the past few years of how consoles and mobile devices can be integrated, this announcement represents a massive step.

PlayStation App Key Features

PlayStation app shown on an Android and iOS device with graphic background

  • Download to your PS4 whilst on the go
  • Chat to your PSN friends
  • Compare trophies
  • See livestreams of what your friends are playing
  • Use second screen to display content to assist your PS4 game

The new version of the PlayStation app will be available on the App Store and the Google Play Store in North America on November 13th, and in Europe on November 22nd.


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  1. Miguel Nóbrega says:

    Will it function on the ps3? Please tell me that it will!!!

  2. Shawn Hilaire says:

    It’s the 14th and I’m typing it and searching for it but can’t find it

  3. Matthew Wyers says:

    I want to know if this app will be on Vita and what the difference other than hardware this app will have over what say a android / ipad tablet version will have and do. If Vita does them all with a smaller screen I’m doing that and just streaming the video out to another screen.

  4. Aurin Nutland says:

    Downloading on the go will be awsome and also spectating what ever my friends are doing.

  5. Elijah Webb says:

    Downloading on the go is gonna be really useful. Can’t wait till it gets released!!

  6. Rob Smith says:

    So sick can’t wait !

  7. Quan Xi Ho says:

    When will be out for Asia?

  8. Dylan Boyle says:

    whats the name of the app lol

  9. Dylan Boyle says:

    no more having to wait to get home to download a game and then wait for it to finish. I can do it at work and it be ready when i get home

  10. Craig Pearce says:

    Downloading on the go will be a awesome!