February 15, 2014
February 17, 2014
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*Winners will be able to pick any game of their choice, including titles that aren't featured above*

Madden 25 PS4

Hello everyone!

I want to thank everyone who participated in our week one giveaway.  We selected a winner, Jay-London2, and have reached out to him to confirm he is in fact a real person.  Jay-London2 responded and has selected his game of choice, Madden 25.  So a big congratulations to him! He will be receiving his game shortly.

The first contest had 203 comments, and I was thinking, if we can break that mark with week two, I will extend the contest another week.  Same goes for weeks three, four, and five.  The bigger this contest gets, the longer I will continue it!  So in order to do that, I request that everyone share this article.  Tell your friends, tell your brother, tell your grandma, tell the guy at your local game store, tell the mailman! The bigger this contest gets, with more comments, the longer it will go and the better chance you will have to win!

For those who did not participate in week one, or are new to the site, please check out the week one giveaway article for details.

Now for our week two question:

If you could select one game from a platform that was never launched on Playstation, and bring it over to PS4 what would it be? It can be from any system like Xbox, Nintendo, PC, Sega, Atari, etc.  Let us know which one game you’d select and why!

Good luck!

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  1. Nate Stearley says:

    I would bring over Titanfall… I’v always wanted that game but have nervier had a Xbox to play it on. I also think that the playing experience would be a lot better with the utilization of the DualShock 4 Controllers touchpad.

  2. James Corke says:

    I would put Titanfall or orcs must die 1 and 2 on the ps4 just purely cause they are good games. Titanfall looks good and it has some really nice features and finally the orcs must die series because it is an action strategy game and is not a game that is impossible to play unlike some games that have good graphics and great gameplay but it has really bad areas in the game that either don’t make sense or just is way to difficult to figure out

  3. Robert Barker says:

    Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor

  4. Reece Thomas says:

    It would have to be dead rising 3 :):):)

  5. shane pelkey says:

    Mne would be either DayZ or Pokemon

  6. Enrique Cutipa says:

    I think Pokemon because I used to play it a lot and now it looks good but I don’t want to buy a 3ds just to play and it would be cool to see the graphics on PS4.

  7. Paul Taipi says:

    Definitely Gears of War! Only reason i would have bought a 360

  8. Eric Avakian says:

    I would say Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 because if you think about it everyone LOVED it and the graphics were good on Ps3 but it will be even more better on the Ps4

  9. Nick Conwell says:

    Arma 3 with it’s many mods! So upset it’s not going to be on PS4, the mods look absolutely insane and I love war sim games and open world games. (best of both worlds)

  10. jimberyl tapia says:

    I think that Ape Escape I love that game because my first play game in playstation

  11. elton coleman says:

    I would like to see DAZY!! On the PlayStation I love that game so much :D why BC dazy is a popular game on the PC lot of fun for people to play multiplayer like on the PC .its really a good game

  12. Paper Pap says:

    I would have to say Pokemon! Pokemon was my childhood and i loved that game and the trading cards. I never got to play it because i never had a DS and i would watch my brother play Pokemon on his DS that he never let me touch.

  13. Aaron Wilson says:

    I would have to say Catabomb 3D and Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) just because Catabomb is classed as the first FPS even though its magic and wolfenstein because that was the proper first FPS. Never played them but it would be amazing to actually be able play them on a console thats up to date

  14. lee burrows says:

    Alex Kidd in miracle world from Sega master system :) brings back so many memories from my childhood. :) very simple game but very addictive

  15. beside that i would love to see every nintendo franchise on PS4 the one that i would like to see most is Donkey Kong Country for me is such a great platform game and with the power of PS4 i’m shure it would be awesome to have that game in ps4 but sadly is from Nintendo :(

  16. Alex McGrath says:

    I would like to see Bruce Lee C64, simple platformer that could be revamped but still keep the same platform gameplay but maybe with 3d background rendering like abes odyssey etc. can also incorporate puzzling and boss fights in between making your way through the levels (mortal kombat mythologies style) . Used to be so addicted to it and with todays graphics on the ps4, Bruce will look mega ripped and fierce. Legendary! Badass!!! I love platformers with a twist!

  17. Ma Kaza says:

    Definitely all Fable games.

  18. Ben Midkiff says:

    I’d like to see a Legend of Zelda game on PS4. Look at how large Skyrim was, and imagine a world like Hyrule spread out with a system as impressive as the PS4. There could be such incredible detail to back up what is typically an amazing story. Plus, it would save me the trouble of buying a Nintendo system for one game.

  19. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    I would have to say Halo and Uncharted to cross each other

  20. Bosun Fagbemi says:

    The game i will really love to see on play station or should i say games are The Legend Of Zelda because of its amazing story line and also The Mario Collection because of its ability to make you feel like a young gamer again

  21. Lewis Smith says:

    I would also love to see baldurs gate 1and 2 return in a hd collection because companies don’t make hack/slash RPGs like that any more and they was one of my favourite games on the ps2 :D

  22. Lewis Smith says:

    I would love to have super mario cart :) I love that game !!!!!!!!!

  23. Ibrahim Rajab says:

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

  24. Gerardas Remeikis says:


  25. Sulaymaan Ahmad says:

    I’d like to see Titanfall on PlayStation 4. Although i’m not particularly fond of the xbox, i have to admit that Titanfall is an amazing game with stunning visuals and many features. Especially it’s parkour and titan features really amaze me. Probably one of the best fps games ever.

  26. Mina teymourzadeh says:

    i love to see counter strike on consoles , it was realy fun to play even alone even better on the consoles

  27. daniel mack says:

    I would love to see Spore for ps4. !!

  28. Josh Barrera says:

    I wish Dead Rising 3 was for the ps4!

  29. Alex Bieber says:

    Honestly, I would love to see mario on the PS4. Not the new crap, the classic mario. Now you may think I am some crazy person that doesn’t respect the awesomeness of the PS4, but I am not. I always found the original mario games to be a great stress reliever! If this is added I will be definitely pleased.

  30. I would love for the company of left for dead to have it on the playstation and that new game there making evolve I hope I win I only have one game for my ps4 and its knack kinda easy to beat

  31. Emmanuel Basilio says:

    I have played a lot of games for a lot of game systems ,but I would like to see Streets of rage from Sega Genesis because when I was a kid I have spent a lot of time playing this game because it was the only game that I owned for that console and I felt like I had an arcade experience at home .

  32. Justin Bolan says:

    I would have to pick all of the bio shock games because irrational games just “closed” and we aren’t gonna get game experiences back

  33. simon perry says:

    Banjo Kazooie, because Rare wont make games from that series anymore

  34. Laurent Tardif says:

    Banjo-Kazooie ! Or the long time never released Banjo-Threeie. That will probably never happen since Rare is now part of Microsoft and seems to have abandoned the plate forming genre of the franchise..

  35. enrique abreu says:

    i would love to see the zelda series hit the ps3 and ps4

    i would love it because sense i played it on 64 i fell in love with the games and there stories and puzzle

    i would love to see how the games would look on ps3 or ps4
    or how the ps4 use the game pad for zelda

  36. matthew Zamorano says:

    I know it’s probably a total cliche, but Halo. I feel like a lot of gamers on the PS3 missed out on the amazing storyline. A storyline as good as the Halo series should really be shared on all platforms.

  37. I will have to say The Legend of Zelda series. The series is already an iconic name in gaming world, so bringing it to one if the elite leaders of the market would only spell out bigger and better games, not to mention more money.

  38. chun lau says:

    I would loved to play FTL on a vita or ps4

  39. Jye Vanderzee says:

    gears of war is a pretty fun game, it would be cool if it was on ps4

  40. nick jalaghonia says:

    definitely Shenmue, this game is remarkable, it was open-world game, which was quite a surprise by that time, loved every second of it during my school years, huh it was so good at first

  41. john sha says:

    Its going to be quatom break , tgis is going to awsome and realistic but sadly it only realeasing on xboxe one.

  42. john sha says:

    It must be super mario karto 64 with graphics , to remind our memories and old school game.

  43. sepehr sha says:

    It moust be counter strike , it was really fun to play with frirnds but even better on consoles.

  44. Mina teymourzadeh says:

    It must be halo becuase it was really emotional.

  45. Praimchand Harrilal says:

    For me it would be mario because it was my favourite game in my childhood I loved playing this game on the nintendo entertain system (NES)…

  46. jamain seal says:

    i would love to see DayZ its a PC game / amara 2 mod i love zombie games including this one.

  47. Halo,titanfall,dayz,Mario,smashbros,gears of war and forza

  48. I wish we had titanfall,The Halo series,Mario,and gears of war

  49. bradley nightingale says:

    I think Garry’s Mod from Pc would be great to play with friend on PS3/PS4 and also dead rising 3 from X-box one , i would love that because their isn’t any very good zombie games like that on PS3 or PS4

  50. kham D says:

    It would definitely have to be the original Contra on the NES for me. That game would bring back so many good childhood memories.

  51. Gregory Crites says:

    I would really enjoy Mario party that cane out for the GameCube! I had so much fun playing with family and friends…

  52. Joshua Claffey says:

    I’d love to see mario kart 7 :D :) :P

  53. Jacob Trollston says:

    I want to see Rust come to playstation

  54. Ruben Oliver says:

    I think that that Donkey Kong 64 would be a great game to add to the PlayStation Network. I personally would love to relive that game on my PS4 console.

  55. Machanga Bryant says:

    Left 4 Dead would be a nice addition

  56. William Messenger says:

    True Crime: New York City its a fun game i love it it was awesome i used to play it with my brother and we had some good times with it.

  57. Calin Cristian says:

    I dont Know….Maybe TitanFall now but from the past….

  58. Ryan Reid says:

    i’d say halo 2 from the original xbox i never could stop playing it until mine broke

  59. Ole Martin Tangen Vad says:

    I would bring Mario Kart over from Nintendo to PlayStation, because it is the most fun racing game in my opinion.

  60. Mine would be Titanfall because its soo dang beast jumping on walls using a titan machine god that shouldve been the ps4 launch instead of cod ghosts hhaah

  61. Jesse Olasava says:

    I would have to say the Deadrising games, Titanfall, Day Z and Playstation should bring DRAGONBALL Z BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 3 back for next gen because it was one of my favorite games to play on my PS2!!!!

  62. Ruben Hopkins says:

    I would probably bring titanfall from Xbox one over to PS4.

  63. Dylan Nylander says:

    Gary’s Mod from P.C!! It’d be such an interesting and fun game on a console platform! (-:

  64. Christian Vickers says:

    I would have to choose either Halo or all Zelda games, because Halo and Zelda in Nex-Gen would be really awesome

  65. marcus carter says:


  66. Motti Zaidorf says:

    Mario Kart it was simply the best and most fun racing game on Nintendo consoles and would love to have it on my playstation.

  67. lukas kessler says:

    Titanfall because its a awesome Game and its a new idea

  68. Gabriel Mckensey says:

    Every single Mario brothers etc!!!!!!!

  69. Nico Nieminen says:

    Forza Motorsport :)

  70. Hamed Khan says:

    the halo seire and titenfall

  71. sev sha says:

    It must be gears of war 3 , I had ps3 and xboxe but I played it and the story was emotional and action , it had to be on both console for playstion players to have great great story line and gameplay.

    • ziyad pida says:

      MY choice would have to be arma 2 DAYZ, that was byfar one of my favorite games and i would love to see it on ps4.
      those type of games that try to be as realistic as possible are probably the best type of games out there.
      if it does come out on ps4, i wont be getting much sleep :)

  72. Alex Hamid says:

    One franchise I wish had made its way onto PlayStation is Alan Wake. Remedy have and always will be expert video game makers from Max Payne and their upcoming Xbox One title Quantum Break which will probably make me even more jealous on PlayStation. However playing Alan Wake on Steam via my PC has been a thrilling experience, it has the right balance of story and gameplay whilst being intriguing and keeping you on edge always second guessing what is going to happen next. I wish the PlayStation nation had been allowed to experience such a fine franchise as Alan Wake.

  73. joshua bettis says:

    Chrono trigger from the SNES. it would have been awesome see on the PS3 and maybe the PS4 in the HD gfx

  74. I will have to pick Fable II simply because it was a great game. The Fable series is great all around, but Fable II hasn’t been surpassed. The freedom to truly be either good, evil, or a combination of the two adds character to the game that is hard to overcome. Add in the great story, the lengthy game play, and the ability for it to immerse you into it’s own molding reality is something that only few games can do.

  75. Dontae Exford says:

    A video game that I would like to see launched on the PlayStation console is Halo 1-4…..I honestly believe that that is one of the greatest games of all time and it needs to be played on the greatest SYSTEM of all time…..PERIOD!!!!!!!

  76. Chava Duenas says:

    A game that I would like to see on the PS4 is “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” by Rare. Why, because of the gore and action it had when I owned my first console, N64.

  77. Romal Bell says:

    It’ll be Mario Kart

  78. Rony Khanlari says:

    Eather Halo Series or Mario

  79. Shannon Hallman says:


  80. mohammad qawasmeh says:

    Left 4 dead i have played it on the pc very much cause it a nice zombie co-op game that u can play with friends

  81. Josh Marshaw says:

    Mine would either be the Metrorid Prime Series or the Halo Series.

  82. Darko Savov says:

    i definitely would have liked to play ryse son of rome but all the PS exclusives are better anyway

  83. Fernando Mireles says:

    My favorite game is Banjo-Tooie because i would explore new locations and it would get more harder.

  84. i would bring over mario or zelda for sure i miss playing those games but dont miss them enough to buy a Wii U

  85. kyle ladda says:

    Zombie-u that game looked like the shit and I would have loved to have played it. (still would actually)

  86. Lew Donley 2 says:

    The new Mario 3D or whatever it is coming out on wiiU they are limiting themselves by not going multi platform so many of us PS owners are original Nintendo and Mario fanatics

  87. Andrew Lacroix says:

    I would pick ocarina of time as it had a great story, awesome gameplay and tons of cool content like the fact that you need to play a certain certain song at a certain point in the game to gain access to epona!

  88. Cameron Odegaard says:

    probably halo loved those games on the xbox

  89. Kyle Boudreau says:

    I can say my favorite game is Grand theft auto i have played every one of them and I’ve been with play station since i was in grade 4 first with the ps one and then ps2 to ps3 and they keep getting better i havent yet been able to get the ps4 yet thought :(

  90. Ivan Millward says:

    State of Decay, Roaming around in a overrun county full of the undead trying to survive. :)

  91. Shawn Hilaire says:

    Ryse from Xbox One looks promising

  92. Joseph Anderson says:

    Well i think it would be amazing to have the game Donkey Kong on the PS4 because i have always been a fan of the game and it would look awesome on a next gen console.

  93. Luis Quintero says:

    Super mario beacuse its the most cool game that was made, so the ps4 could bring it back and most people could remember their childhood.

  94. judith vargas says:

    OMG metroid thas the game love it good game my husband and I play it lots

  95. Danny McNeill says:

    I would probably pick super mario 64, mario kart 64, or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64. I grew up playing these games and really loved playing them!

  96. Dylan De Rechter says:

    Pokemon stadium on NINTENDO 64!!
    I just love pokemon!!
    I grew up with it and I am still playing it when i am away from home not playing on my ps4 :D
    Just about to finish last trophy on outlast.
    So I can use a next game to platinum :)

    Thanks for the contests! And may the best gamer win!

  97. Dillon Rees says:

    I would chose super smash bros brawl because me and my friend used to get together and play that game for hours

  98. Axel Martinez says:

    Super Mario Bros. (or any Mario game: Galaxy, Kart, etc.) Why? Who doesn’t like Mario games? I mean, Mario is the roster of gaming. We have all grown up with Mario and the diversity of the games are amazing, from classic Mario games, to sports, to Olympics, to space, to racing, and way more. Mario should be on all platforms.

    • James Hewitt says:

      I would have to say super Mario bros! It was the first game I played as a kid which got me into gaming and have grew up with it all these years and can still play it even today. It gave me hours of fun.

  99. Chancelor Wray says:

    Or ornge box, super mario or bash bros, unreal tornement from pc. Donkey kong! And I have many many more!

  100. Chancelor Wray says:

    Zelda from Nintendo! Zelda is by far one the most important games in my life! For it to come to ps4 would be amazing! And I’d spend another 1000 hrs playing it! As I still do today!

  101. sev sha says:

    Gears of war was the best series that was in xbox.

  102. Tim Schafer says:

    Definitely starfox! That game was awesome!! Or smash bros because my friends would play it all night!

  103. sev sha says:

    It definitely would be gears of war series , cuase its awsome.

  104. Devin Egipto says:

    It’s gotta be Resident Evil Outbreak from the PS2. This was the very first online Resident Evil game and died out because Online gaming was just not at the right time yet. Players have recreated a server in Japan but damn Capcom needs to open their brains up and recreate the game with online again, hell if players go that far to create a server for it, JUST MAKE IT AGAIN!

  105. Matthew Lawlor says:

    Definitely Halo as all of my friends have xbox and its all they ever used to talk about playing.

  106. Saimonas Daracius says:

    I i would take pokemon (Leaf green) because that game introduced me to the world of ”gaming” and it is the only game that i was addicted when i was 8 years old, most of my family played that game ( brother, 2 sisters and me) + there is this HUGE world which has hundreds of different pokemons, I am sure that my family isn’t the only family who got addicted and that is why i think it should be on Playstation console

  107. Edward Scragg says:

    Left for dead 2, can’t beat a good zombie shooter.

  108. i would like Forza and Dead Rising 3

  109. Thomas Watson says:

    halo as i was addicted to it when i had xbox.

  110. Daniel Vassallo says:

    I would have to say Pokemon, as it has been 1 of my all time favorites since i was 5 years old. One of the many things i love about Pokemon games is that not only does it allow for serious players but also allows for new and casual players. This is because you don’t need previous knowledge on previous games, as each Pokemon game teaches you so you can come into the series whenever you like.

  111. CESAR ORTEGA says:


  112. Victor Morales says:

    Mine would be world of war craft no doubt the fun of it comes in different ways… quests, PvP, running dungeons with people, the social aspect of it, working on your characters level/gear/stats, working on professions and using it to help yourself and others, exploring, ect. Sometimes I just hang around and use it more like a chat which itself can be entertaining plus it a never ending cyber world game

  113. Alfonso Boxill says:

    im going to chose the getaway 3 that was suppose to hit for ps3 and never did reason why i want this game to come to the ps4 because all day long i will play the getaway and the getaway black monday on ps2 non stop and knew when the 3rd one came out it would been epic on ps3 so i hope and pray its release on ps4 knowing the power that console has that game is going to make ps4 even bigger

  114. Peter Zatorski says:

    I would choose Dead Rising 3 to come to the Playstation. I went to my friends house to play it and it was absolutely awesome. Killing zombies non stop and getting these really cool weapons to fight the zombies with.

  115. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    Titanfall looks like one of the greatest FPS’s ever made, and who doesn’t want that for the best system out there?

  116. John Santiago says:

    Fable II cause the gameplay is just right there. However, I feel as if the graphics were to be in Playstation’s favor then they will exceed. I really feel like this game in any PS console would be marvelous.

  117. Julian Dorsey says:

    I would have to say… Halo 4 would be my top pic for the PS4. Only because i have always been a fan of the Halo series and i find it a little unfair that 343 Industries is only having it released for the xbox (PS would help the halo series make some huge prophet)

  118. I would pick The halo series or the legendary titanfall it would be awesome if they were on playstation also it would be awesome if they had Zelda and super Mario bros.

  119. timmy parker says:

    I Would have to say halo. I think playstation could do some amazing things with halo on the ps4

  120. Timmy Crewe says:

    I would say mortal kombat sholin monks on ps2 and xbox as that game was a brilliant game. Would be awesome if you did another one for the ps4 that would be good. I spent ages playing that game would be good if there were a few more like that.

  121. Bob Builder says:

    Halo series, because it’s epic.

  122. Aaron "Jake" Satlin says:

    Banjo & Kazooie, right now Xbox has it and made Banjo Nuts and Blots was not good but not bad. I think PlayStation can make a PROPER Banjo & Kazooie 3!

  123. Joel Mata says:

    If you could select one game from a platform that was never launched on Playstation, i will choose Alan Wake, because have an amazing story, back then the game have a great graphics now with the new gen will be awesome. :)

  124. Elias Duarte-Lopez says:

    I would have to Say Super Mario 64. It was such an Addicting Game and I love the Saying “It’s Me Mario” ;)

  125. Steven Brennan says:

    Definitely smash bros(Nintendo), because me and my brother played the first one on our N64 and it was one of the only 3 games that we had on it, smash bros is a very important and special game to me it’s the first story i ever beat as a gamer and I’ll never forget it, it’ll always have a special place in my gaming heart loved it ever since the first time I played it back in 2000

  126. luke mccullough says:

    Any of the Halo games because I loved it when I had a xbox 360 and would still love to play it on my ps4 or ps3. I think it would have been a huge hit for Sony if it would have came to any of the playstation consoles.

  127. Ethan Fletcher says:

    Combat from the Atari 2600. One of the first launch titles. That game was just….GREAT!

  128. Mazahir Fazel says:

    I would have to say Mario Kart Wii one of the most extrordinary games brought to the Wii Console and my first and favourite on the system. Image the potential the Playstation 4 could bring to Nintendo games of the previous generation

    Sony could bring the original game to the PS4 with all new DLC I.e. characters of the Playstation Vs characters from Nintendo. Imagine Nathan Drake taking on Sonic the Hedgehog alongside Sly Cooper and Lara Croft. It would be a very creative idea and also fun to play for all ages. I would like to see if Sony has the potential this game could be awesome.

  129. matthew lynch says:

    I would like titanfall to be on the playstation 4 because its awsome game, i seen gameplay of the beta and its amazing next-gen first person shooter especially with the giant robots

  130. Josiah Calvert says:

    I’m gonna have to say the Super Smash Bros. games. They’re great fun and I have awesome memories of me and my friends playing them and really enjoying ourselves.

  131. Dusty James says:

    I would like to have a remake or new game of Bruce Lee’s Dragon Quest. That would be awesome.

  132. Jason Bell says:

    The Simpsons Hit and Run probably the best game ever made they should make a remake of it and it will be the best game ever

  133. Cedrich Pf says:

    Any of the Dead rising games would be great *__*

  134. Marcin Maliszewski says:

    Witcher 2. I would have loved to play Witcher 2 on my Playstation 3. I have read the first book, and I am looking forward to reading the next, and seeing how it was transformed into a game. Additionally, a remastered version of Witcher 1 would be great too.

    Thankfully, Witcher 3 will be out on Playstation. Witcher 3 is one of my most anticipated games.

  135. Aurin Nutland says:

    I would love Goldeneye from the Nintendo 64l. And a remake of Soul reaver of playstation

  136. Tom Renzoni says:

    I would’ve to say that there are a lot of games from a lot of other gaming systems that I’ve played on & others that I haven’t played. Now that I said all that I would have to pick from a lot of games new & old, I would have to pick two games. 1st game I would pick would be from C64 Star Trooper & 2nd game I would pick would be from Dreamcast & xbox Shenmue 1 & 2. I would like to add we need a Shenmue 3 game on next generation systems

  137. Tanner Blake says:

    Super Smash Bros, Diddy Kong Racing or Banjo Kazooie! I couldn’t decide on just one!!

  138. Paul Ammentorp says:

    Titanfall and the Zelda Games.

  139. Scott Spurgeon says:

    MARIO KART! To bring it to more than Nintendo consoles would be amazing. Its always been a great game to just put in and play with friends for a good time.

  140. Alejandro Vasquez says:

    Dead Rising 3 because we all love killing zombies.

  141. Justin Lively says:

    I would have to say Tecmo Bowl that game is a awesome football game! It would be great to see it on the PS4!!

  142. nick jalaghonia says:

    Shenmue 1-2 HD Collection would be great, i spent hundreds of hours in this game during my school years, loved it and still want it

  143. martin söderström says:

    That would probably be DayZ (PC) just because I love those type of games, thats why I’m so excited for ‘The Division’.