March 13, 2014
March 17, 2014
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PS4Fans.net week four giveaway!

destiny ps4

Hello everyone,

I first want to apologize for the delay with these weeks contest.  I came down with a really bad flu and have been working on some important site enhancements (forum should be launched in a couple days!).  So far though, the first two winners of the contest have received both their prizes.  The first week winner, JayLondon, chose Madden 25 as his giveaway.  The second winner, TheRush2013, has received a pre-order for Destiny.

Going forward, I am going to stretch out the contest time a bit longer.  That way we can have more comments.  I will also extend the contest an additional 2 weeks, making it run for a total of 7 weeks instead of 5.

Again, for this latest contest, all the entries were excellent and it was very difficult to pick a winner.  However, a winner has been chosen! Congratulations to TheMagician9 for his answer.

street fighter turbo

TheMagician9 reminisces on Street Fighter II Turbo for Sega

For contest #4 – The question I am asking all you PS4 Fans is an interesting one.  Which game should NEVER have been made?  As gamers, often we demand perfection, but there have definitely been some stinkers which have made their way into our homes.  Which game did you play that really disappointed you?

Let us know your thoughts and please share this post with all your friends.

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  1. Alex Bieber says:

    I would like to a apologize to the editors of ps4fans.net, I realized I may have seemed a little pushy, and showed my irritation a little too much regarding the length of this contest. I guess I really shouldn’t have done that, after all it is your contest, and although it may be a little annoying, you have the right to take as long as you want, or need.

  2. Okay, I feel I need to say something since a friend of mine kept me updated on how this has been 2 months late. If this website is continuing to be promoted on Facebook with articles of games and news, then why is it that these people are still waiting on a winner of a contest that was promised to them? I was a winner already, and I appreciate you picking me, but it isn’t fair to everyone else who’s taking part in your contests week after week if you’re not sticking to your promise. It looks very bad for you and this website that you’ve been ignoring this contest and not giving all these people who took the time to visit and support your website an explanation as to why there hasn’t been a winner picked. If you have money issues, been sick, having personal problems, or just flat out don’t want to do the contest anymore, you need to come clean about it and now. This is not how you treat your fans and followers or a website you rely on us to fuel should be ran. Take some responsibility.

  3. vjs pranavasri says:

    according to me the game that never should have been made is gta 3. all know about it so nothing to explain.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      You see responses like this are specifically why I am not a big fan of questions like this. Gta 3 was pretty bad, but what you have to understand is that EVERYTHING has to start somewhere, and gta happened to star out as a crappy 8-bit game. If gta 3 never existed, it is very unlikely we would have gta 5. When you respond to things like this, please actually think about the game you pick. You have to understand what style, technology, and other aspects of the game before you can intelligently say “it should never have been made. I know this is entirely opinionated, and your response really wouldn’t affect anything, but I think some people should learn to appreciate older games rather than compare them to the new.

  4. Alex Bieber says:

    Anyone know how much time until this contest is over? It has been nearly 2 months, and there is no way anyone else will respond.

  5. Andrew Lacroix says:

    Ok show’s over steven you aren’t going to get anymore comments for this week 4 giveaway time to move on its been well over a month and people are starting to get bored I think we’ve been patient enough bring on week 5 please.

  6. Matthew Wyers says:

    I think all the transformers games should have never been made. If they spent all the money developing a good story not connected to any of the movie’s or fiction in the movies then they could have made a great game….. JK I don’t care about those games at all I’d really like the world to get out of their Zombie Obsession…. really its worse than Twilight Vampires and Werewolves. Post Apocalyptic games where great when you had to use your imagination. I loved Fallout One and Two but Honestly I was let down most by Oblivion with Guns I mean Fallout 3.

  7. sev sha says:

    Was the giveaway made up ? Cuase there is no respinces in facebook and email

    • Alex Bieber says:

      It obviously isn’t fake, but it is strange that we haven’t heard any development on why this is taking so long through an article, Facebook, or Siefe.

  8. sev sha says:

    Steven is taking this one too long , we were be alot more satisfed to yu pick winner sooner than every 1 mounth , one of the reason that we getting less and less comments are that its such long journey and I made 25 accounts , I comment every week until now that im tired its a long journey also every get bored and im know I was being jerk to have 25 accounts to win , its showed that its not about how many account you have only thing is luck!!

    • Alex Bieber says:

      This really is taking wayyyy too long, since the original deadline there were literally maybe 10 more responses. Plus I am beyond confused when this is ending. At first I thought there would be 2 more giveaways, then I thought there was an extra week for the last 2 giveaways, after the second week I thought it was 2 extra weeks for each of the last giveaways, and now that the deadline has been met I don’t know what to think.

      • sev sha says:

        He said we 1 mounth to have more comments!! I bet week 5 we will have totally 50 comments , also he said 7 weeks it counties .
        I ll be more more happier that the winner to be announced sooner not 1 to 2 mounths ????????????

        • sev sha says:

          I ll guess I have to go back on my 25 comments.

          • Alex Bieber says:

            No he isn’t going to make it shorter just because more people commented, but he has to realize that there will be no more comments! The homepage doesn’t even have a link to the contest so how will anyone ever know about it? Plus Siefe hasn’t been posting informational videos lately, so you can’t learn about the current contest from him.

          • sev sha says:

            Another mounth to go!

    • Jason Marquis says:

      Goldeneye for wii I got so hyped up for it then when I got it I played it for one week then when conduit 2 came out I traded it in at Gamestop

      • Alex Bieber says:

        Yeah Golden eye SUCKED! Plus you got it for wii, and it is a known fact that fps are worse on wii then any other console XD. But seriously, it was a terrible game, I remember I played it once at my friends house. I thought it was gonna be great because they were always talking about how much they loved it, then I played it, and I stopped after 30 seconds XD

      • Andrew Lacroix says:

        Just play the N64 version, now that was a great game! I think I’ll go play it right now….

  9. Peter Zatorski says:

    Call of Duty Ghosts.
    -Too big of maps
    -Too easy to die.
    -Gold looks like rotten cheese.
    -Way more campers then in previous CoD.
    -Campaign is the same thing as MW3/BO2.
    -Squads are useless.
    -Horrible perk system.
    -Having to start a new elite clan I mean really, I worked my way up and got to a level 38 clan in MW3 and I have to just make my own now? Complete sh*t.
    -All the guns sound like airsoft weapons.
    -All of the COD’s are the same thing
    -Map remakes (like come on make another awesome map)
    -If I win I am going to get BF4

    • Alex Bieber says:

      The reason you start a new clan is because it is a separate series of call of duty from MW3. It may be by all the same publishers, but it has NOTHING to do with MW3. I wouldn’t waste a win on BF4 though, although the graphics were great, the campaign was exceedingly boring, and the multiplayer just flat out sucked. Like I said many many many times before, you should not be so critical against Ghosts, it got a lot of advertising, and you expected way too much. If you ignore what you expected it is really a great game. Another factor is when you think a game sucks, because you heard it is boring, and terrible, and stupid over and over again, you too will think it is boring, terrible, and stupid. If you give it a chance, ignoring the negativity, I guarantee you will have a great time.

  10. Mhingana Kanelombe says:

    Kiss Pinball… im sorry, that game was a huge fail.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Hey what can you expect? Its pinball it is doomed to fail! Unless it is an actual pinball machine, that is another story XD

  11. Alex Bieber says:

    The week four giveaway is coming to a close, and I would just like to say good luck to everyone! Although I don’t agree with all responses, they are all good and worthy of winning!

    • sev sha says:

      Such a nice comment , every body deserve s to win , what sad is that we have few comments you see in forst week we got 225 comments but now 84 with your responds that ll be 60 comments and it will be less and less becuase its such a long journey.

      • Alex Bieber says:

        It is sad that there are less comments every week, this entire contest was made up because of the 500,000 fan checkpoint, but only like 5% of them even acknowledged the contest!

  12. Saimonas Daracius says:

    Aabs Animals, Like it needs an explanation

  13. JoNathan Brown says:

    I can’t stand racing games where it’s just a race track most racing games I would come across would be Froza I think thats the name but games like that I think are waste for high price that they are…if it’s like NASCAR create a storyline with it make the player talk with ppl and do more than just load up and drive on track 1 for 100 laps

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I don’t often like games like that either, but there were some really good games. I guess it all depends and the track, and the cars. Take Grid 2 for example, there really is no storyline, but it is still an amazing game.

    • Matthew Wyers says:

      The games are designed for Car Enthusiast who want to know how a car they hope to have one day runs with various parts and tune up settings. Not someone who just buys a focus, corolla or civic because it may be reliable/affordable/ or have good MPG. Its much cheaper for a kid to buy a game learn a lot about types of cars and how parts on those cars work and cost than to read about it and just take someone’s word on how they feel about the car. As for “FORZA” I’ve only played 1 and 3. I find most racing sims to be enjoyable to a certain point, they are all about physics and looks. Also track lines are awesome ways to learn a track without having to travel the globe like all the actual racers do these days.

  14. john sha says:

    Its running fred becuase its boring and after playing min you ll get tired of it .

  15. john sha says:

    That game must be chaser , poor FPS and graphics boring story and gameplay after 10 m playing the game you wanted to break it into pieces

  16. Joel Mata says:

    The most disappointed game for me was Beyond: Two Souls, i was waiting something better like heavy rain.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I didn’t get it myself, but I thought it looked pretty cool. I guess it ended up like The Last of Us, boring.

  17. John Santiago says:

    I might get hate for this option, but my answer is going to be DC Universe Online. Why? Simple really. There is just so many bugs going on with it all at once. Once the bugs are gone for awhile it is a fun game, but then the bugs come back and everything falls down. Just think about it. What do we all gamers hate more than poor graphics? Bugs. That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Yeah I hate how publishers sometimes rush to make new games, or even new consoles, and end up missing all the bugs and glitches. I never played DC universe myself, because it just looks stupid to me.

  18. Lew Donley 2 says:

    The Duke Nukem forever, should have been duke nukem never

  19. solid snake says:

    It should be skyrim that game was boring as hell , lot of people liked it I bought the game but I only played it for 30 m .

  20. Justin Lively says:

    I would have to say Resident Evil Code: Veronica X for the PS2. I played every Resident Evil game and this was the worst Resident Evil game I’ve ever played. The story line was just awful, shouldn’t even been made. It made me mad because I remember them building the game up and it was a complete waste of money and time.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Yeah I really never liked those Resident Evil games in general, they are usually pretty terrible, and are no where near as good as the movies.

  21. Dusty James says:

    Call of Duty Black Ops/2. they both sucked. I wasted money on them. graphics looked like it was from N64 or PS1. was so bad. storyline sucked.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I really hate when people over exaggerate this much about games that were terrible. First off the graphics were actually pretty decent, if you were using an Xbox it probably look worse because they don’t have blu-ray games (pretty much all playstation 3 and up games are blu-ray). Although both games were pretty awful, they did both have a few good parts, and I actually loved everything except campaign in Black Ops 2. I am not one of those people that heavily follow games, so I don’t allow myself to get too excited, when you get too excited for a games you expect the best of the best, and when you don’t think it meets those standards you get POed. I am not trying to change your opinion, but you should have a more open mind.

  22. Lewis Smith says:

    Call of duty black ops 2 I was really disappointed in because I have bought every cod out there and that one just sucked the lag and frame rate issues where terrible and unplayable

    • Alex Bieber says:

      It was pretty awful, but at least it was better than Black Ops 1. I did actually like the multiplayer and zombies though.

  23. Praimchand Harrilal says:

    For me it gonna be COD 2 its the worst the game just made me felt sick and dizzy or maybe wanted to puke.The graphics and the game itself was not even worth to put to this world.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Personally I never played it, but I don’t like to say earlier games like COD 2 suck, because what you have to understand is that the game technology we currently have today was in its infancy when COD 2, and other older games similar were made. I understand what your are saying, but don’t be so quick to talk games like that down, without them we wouldn’t have what we do today.

  24. Jye Vanderzee says:

    I think that the game i wish was never created was Jak 2. After such an awesome prequel packed full of adventure and a pretty decent story line, jak 2 just seemed like a dissapointment to me. they tried to fix something that wasnt broken, and it didnt end out well in my eyes.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Jak 2 was amazing!! I absolutely loved that game, and I guess since I never really got into Jak games it makes sense our opinions differ. It was a great game though, and one of the first T rated games I played. There are MUCH worse games out there.

  25. CESAR ORTEGA says:

    Shadow Of The Colossuss for the love of god that game SUCKS the gameplay is lame i hate that game so much is just a load of crap

  26. Jay Parker says:

    I think Arkham Origins was a game that should not have been made, it was rushed the story was dull and it was so glitchey. I am a huge fan or Arkham Asylum and City. Rocksteady did amazing then Warner got a hold of it and did not do it justice. Yet there is some good news on horizon Arkham Knight looks amazing and finally you can drive Batmobile.

  27. Joshua Claffey says:

    i honestly hated far cry 3

  28. john sha says:

    Worst game was ride to hell retribution that game cost 20 £ and it had nothing you could finish it un 20 m and in 20 m it was alot of violence going on.
    You should check it out by your self

    • Daren Nevins says:

      The worst game ever was Killzone Shadow fall the multiplayer really disappointed me, and I wish it was like Killzone 3.

      • Alex Bieber says:

        Are you kidding me? That game was great!!! I didn’t care for the multiplayer much either, but it was a really good game all around, and it far surpassed COD’s quality in my eyes.

  29. Shannon Hallman says:

    A really terribly made game is Mind Jack. Has very bad voice over work, but then again The Walking Dead Survivor game ( ( not the Tell Tell game but the one with Darryl) was made poorly. How could they drop the ball with a great show backing it.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      The show really isn’t that good, I am extremely surprised it even got popular to begin with. It is such a boring show, and is wayyyyy overrated. I never played the game, but it didn’t really look that good either. When companies make games about shows or movies, or even comic books, I think it is bull. All they really do is take advantage of its popularity to make money, not a decent game.

  30. Andrew Lacroix says:

    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations really dissapointed me. I’m a really big fan of the AC franchise and when they announced a 3rd Ezio game blended with a follow-up to altaïr’s story I was really excited for this game! But then the great disappointment, the bomb crafting system was rather dull, it was very hard to obtain money after the campaign was over with (which wasn’t very good but the altaïr bits of the game were pretty good) And some of the enemies were over powered like those guys with pistols that always shot you.The story was awfully short as well like only 8 or 9 sequences.Also the really awkward desmond portal-like levels where you place some blocks to get around a map, this is AC, not a portal/minecraft crossover! The only good thing I can give this game is that it provided a satisfactory conclusion to altaïr’s story.They should have just replaced this game with some sort of 20$ arcade title just with the altaïr portion of the game and leave the ezio portion out.

  31. Ivan Millward says:

    I would say Fast and Furious: Showdown. As much as I loved the movies, this game was terrible. It had poor driving physics, weak shooting, poor impersonated voice acting, bad story and was full of bugs. This game should of never been made.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Games based off of movies are almost always rushed, and plain stupid. It almost seems like they don’t even care about the quality of the game, just the profit that can be made, because of the movie’s popularity.

  32. Josiah Calvert says:

    I think that Batman:Arkham Origins shouldn’t have been made. sorry, I love the Batman Arkham series (It’s one of my favorite series), but the story wasn’t in the canon of the other two games, the gameplay was glitched when it came out. It probably would have been better to just let the world wait for the true end of the trilogy.

    • Nashil Singh says:

      FIFA 14 because I thought it would be good for that price and all they did was a few minor adjustments to the game I was really disappointed by the way the game was set out thank you to ps4.net team you guys are the best because when I read your page it brightened up my day because of how you structured and composed the FIFA 14 review to make it seem that I have not wasted my money I hope greater things in your future

  33. I’d say this game called 25 to life which didnt really have a good storyline , was just boring and the game was too dang short i could finish it faster than that guy that finished the new metal gear solid game in 10 mins lmao

  34. Jesse Olasava says:

    In my opinion, I believe that ace combat from ps2 shouldve never been created because it was never enternaining to play and it was just overall pointless!!! Never felt that u were flying the aircraft >:P

  35. Ethan Harris says:

    Fallout New Vegas because the story line was poor and it was very glichey it messed up my ps3 several times but the third was great!

  36. Alejandro Vasquez says:

    It has to be NBA Live 14.The graphics were just… anyways hopefully they will make it up next time.

  37. John Eister says:

    I’m probably dating myself with this one but the worst game ever has to be ET for the Atari 2600. If I ha to pick one that is more recent, I would say SOCOM 4. They took a gret franchise like SOCOM and ruined it by tryin to bring more CoD fans to the SOCOM world by makin the game more CoD-ish.

  38. Darius Adams says:

    I think that White Knight Chronicles should have never been made. There are way better games out that is much better but has better game play and story lines.

  39. judith vargas says:

    ok any game that has more then one disc is a bust , a game is a game we don’t need the extras

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Good point! That is one of the many reasons I have all playstation consoles, except my good old sega, you shouldn’t have so little memory that you can only update certain games if you download a separate disc that is just a rip off.

  40. Shamoy Rahman says:

    I think that Call of Duty: Ghosts had one of the biggest marketing gimmicks of all the games in it’s series. Activision claimed that they were working on a new engine that would bring a major improvement in graphics and new physics. The truth is that Activision has only modified their Infinity Engine to have cleaner edges on textures which only meant that it was an small improvement in graphics over the engine that they used in previous games. Activision truly proves it’s inefficiency because other FPS games such as Crysis have amazing graphics quality and gameplay quality on the same generation of low-power consoles (Xbox 360, PS3,Xbox One, PS4). The Call of Duty community’s most significant driving factor was it’s online multiplayer mode but Activision has truly disappointed us this time by making it a camper’s dream. Campers are now almost impossible to detect using any equipment and they are able to see you and shoot you through small holes from long distances. Activision is really late with an update on their engine (especially when it its barely and different from their old engine). What Call of Duty fans anticipate the most are multiplayer maps and I think that if Activision/Infinity Ward spent more time on developing proper maps that encourages more live combat (running around more instead of camping). This is all from both a Call of Duty player’s perspective and a critique’s perspective through constructive criticism.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I get that it isn’t anything new, but it really isn’t a bad game, I think it received more negative criticism than it should of. People expected way too much from it, which is why it seemed so terrible. That is just my opinion on it though, I’m not saying you should change yours.

  41. Shawn Hilaire says:

    I would have to say it is the Street fighter series I disdain games that are just in 2-D I know that all games are really in 2-D but this one you can’t move around how you want to. The main reason is that the controls were the downfall for the game you didn’t even know how to to do the special moves and all those basic controls seemed like you had to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.That is why I detest the Street fighter series.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I get where your coming from, but what you have to understand is that it was made during a different era of video games. Street fighters was originally an arcade game, and technically always was, which is one reason it is the way it is. The main reason is that most games made before the really late 90’s and it was a very popular type of game. Just look at some of the biggest games made before the late 90’s like Mortal Kombat and Mario. The reason they don’t tell you the special moves, is because it is more exciting if you figure it out for yourself, again look at Mortal Kombat it is a perfect example. I am sorry you missed out on the awesomeness that was 80’s and 90’s games!!!

      • Shawn Hilaire says:

        I was in the late 90’s I never really got into gaming until I was in 3rd grade got my first Gameboy Advanced and got Street fighter and I knew I didn’t like it from the start, Later on I got Spyro and at least you have a 360 scope of the place.

        • Alex Bieber says:

          You got into it wayyy too early in life then, but your first mistake was getting it for gameboy. That is literally a guarantee to frustration. You have to play the arcade versions, or the versions for older consoles. There are more buttons, and a bigger screen, and you will find it difficult to stop playing. I noticed that you don’t want to get into games like street fighter, or mortal kombat, too early in life. When you are young you are extremely impatient and will probably get pretty bored if you lose every time you play. Try playing again, but only the sega, or arcade version (if available to you), and tell me what you think. You also have to take into account the fact that when that game was made technology was different, and so was taste in video games.

  42. Victor Grose says:

    Weapon Lord for the Ps1

  43. so hard to decide which game to choose as my #1 game i wish i never would have played i know Duke Nukem is on the list along with Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault THAT WAS NOT A RATCHET GAME but i think im gonna go with Kane and Lynch 2. that game was so mind numbing repetitive that i dont know how i finally beat it i know i broke the disc in half after i was done so no one had to experience it later or so in a drunken stupor i didnt pop it in and give it a go

  44. Ahmed Fikry says:

    super man 64 was terrible. come to think of it there is not a single superman game worth playing, unlike batman which had batman returns on the snes.

  45. matthew lynch says:

    Madden 25 i know their is alot sports fan might get mad when i say this but madden 25 was horrible it was not next-gen. The old maddens was better when you go out your team who is sitting out interact not just stand their and clap

  46. Alex Fernandez says:

    I think that Hellboy Asylum for the Playstation 1 should of never been made ! It was just a horrible game the audio , the voice acting , the game mechanics ! Especially when Hellboy would try to punch someone not even his whole arm would move the animations of his fighting was just pityfull worst experience ever for playing a video game , so many bugs and glitches just to many flaws this game had, by far the worst game I ever played and is why I think this game should of NEVER been made.

  47. Bilal Miah says:

    Bleach: Soul Resurrection. As much as I love the anime the game wasn’t too good. The game is single player, no online and after you have completed the missions there isn’t anything else to do :/ which is disappointing.

  48. Jarrell Bates says:

    Blades X was probably the worst game I ever played

  49. sev sha says:

    Its rambo , that game was awful , becuase of low graphics and lazy development and disgusting gameplay.
    That should get charged from making the game .

  50. Alex Bieber says:

    Hmmm, this really is a tough one. I honestly enjoy most, if not all games I play so I don’t often come across a game I really hate with passion. I know Black Ops 1 took a lot of criticism, but I liked the zombies, so I can’t choose that. I would have to say Motor Storm Pacific Rift for PS3. Back in 2008 when we got our PS3 it came with Motor Storm, and at first it was alright, but it soon got boring, EXTREMELY boring. I quickly came to hate the game, which was about a week after I got my PS3, but luckily we later got other games. For whatever reason my friends actually like that awful game, so before I got my PS4 I would literally hide the game just so we couldn’t play it!!! I can’t tell you have much time of my life was wasted watching someone play that game, rather than a decent game like COD World At War. Eventually my friends realized how much I hated that game, and stopped bothering to look for it when they came over to my house. A while ago I hid it well, and to this day I have no clue where it is, so it is completely out of the question. I wish that it had never been made, because if this wish was true, so much valuable time would not have been wasted on that wretched game.

  51. Eric Wilson says:

    I don’t think a game based on a movie or movie based on a game should ever be made.

  52. Craig Pearce says:

    Basement Crawl (PS4) total mess. Awesome to know the Forums are coming soon!

  53. Chris Heckman says:

    NBA live 14. Its really bad compared to NBA 2K14

  54. Jake Perkins says:

    The newest Duke Nukem… Took forever to make, and they ended up giving us.. that…

  55. Timmy Crewe says:

    I would say driver on ps2. Simply because i thought it would of been a bit like gta but it was not what i expected. I also think that it had a bad storyline. And even tho i played it a bit but i did prefere other games to play aswell.

  56. Mackenzie Barnes says:

    Call of duty in general, i mean there were a few ok ones but the rest were terrible.

  57. Alfiandi Hestiono says:

    The Sniper 2. The gameplay & graphics were terrible. It looks like an unrealistic sniping game. so I decided to threw it ouside and won’t play it again. It was the worst game I’ve ever played.

  58. Caio Compton says:

    Bye bye, cya.

    • Alex Bieber says:

      I thought Ghosts was pretty good, sure it is kind of cheesy and tough to get use to, but it doesn’t deserve being called a “JUNK GAME!!!”.

  59. Aaron "Jake" Satlin says:

    Ratchet and Clank All 4 one. the game it still is not horrible but it is not great either, it’s a bit hard to control and the story line does have a good twist but if you want to play with your friend you will have to start from the beginning because the level you are all is mostly to hard for him. Some part are made for one person control or unless you two to four that you are playing with are thing the same thing at once you will not get through it. Most importantly the story line does not connect with the rest series (that i know of), but if you do not mind those things then the game is great!I played it for hours and hand a bit of fun with it!

  60. Dillon Rees says:

    Call duty black ops because the graphics were terrible also the guns were overpowered the maps were setup really stupid so it was just a bad game all around

    • Alex Bieber says:

      Yeah that games was pretty boring, but somehow before I got World at War, I became addicted to Black Ops’s zombies!!!