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February 27, 2014
March 3, 2014
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fallout 3

Hello everyone,

I know the second week went longer than scheduled, but there were a lot of great comments and I was hoping to break the record from last week’s comment count.  It was really hard picking the winner for this week, but at last, we have chosen one! Congratulations to TheRush2013!  There were some really good answers out there, so deciding was painfully tough.

Fable II

Week 2 winner explains why Fable II was his favorite game

Now on to week the week three question:

Which game have you spent the most time playing for any console?  I remember playing Starcraft until the sun came up. I never knew a video game could be so addicting! Blizzard owned my life for an extremely an eternity with that game, Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3.  But if we’re strictly talking Playstation, then I’d have to say Fallout 3 or Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Those games used to make me call in sick to work on a regular basis.

So let us know with your answers below and please remember to share this post!


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  1. The game I spent playing the longest is God of War Acension it was so worth it! The god of war games are so complex but so awesome!

  2. Bradley Skinner says:

    On my spare free time I spend my time playing Grand Theft Auto 5 because it is so addicting to me and I get every Gta that come’s out.

  3. zain zia says:

    I probably enjoyed playing devil may cry, especially the third one that game was extremely challenging and fun, I remember playing it so many times all day..

  4. Alfiandi Hestiono says:

    I spent a lot of time playing Metal Gear Solid in my life time. I love MGS because it have a great stealth gameplay; from hiding in bushes to disguise as scientist. I can spend one day playing MGS, I love it very much. Metal Gear Solid 1 is the best game in my childhood. When I had my first PS2, my first game in PS2 was Metal Gear Solid 3. And I hope Metal Gear Solid 5 is my next game for PS4. MGS really addict my gaming life ;) .

  5. with no doubts i used to spend a lot of time with GTA San Andreas destroying everything outhere exploding cars, flying planes, customizing cars, playing the missions, ect,ect… i even played that game for years since it came out (2005 in xbox) to 2013 until gta v came out and i still loving GTA San Andreas and GTA V but San Andreas it’s frankly my favorite game of all time to the point that i played that game 9 years and is still fun

  6. casy albrecht says:

    the game i played the most on a playstation would be god of war or mortal kombat

  7. Poe Myint says:

    I’ve played a lot on Awesomenauts, I wasn’t that much into MOBAs like DOTA or LOL, but Awesomenauts was a unique type of MOBA. It has such unique characters to play as and it’s just really fun. I’ve ranked up to Prestige and I was quite addicted to it

  8. Nashil Singh says:

    Hi, I have to say that a FIFA 14 is the best game because it has amazing graphics on my PS4 and I chose the game because PS4.Net team really posted a good and inspiring review plus the game is soccer and who does not like soccer and I love the way the controller works with the game as it vibrates and you hear the crowds voices plus there is so many teams and players to choose from. So if you want action this is the game for you

    • Daren Nevins says:

      We’ll the most time I spent much time playing was infamous 2. I never played the first one but when I played this it was amazing. It’s like prototype but except the virus part. When I hear l there making another one I was like I am about to buy that. I think there should be more games like this where ou choose your fate.

  9. daniel mack says:

    I spent so much time playing ratchet n clank, I love all the games in the series, I’ll prolly play them more when playstation go is here or whatever there calling it :)

  10. sev sha says:

    Hi steven , are you ok ? Just asking where have you been I sended you email and massage on facebook but not any answer .
    Hope you are ok I got worried cuase u didnt announce the winner and its been 3 weeks.
    Thanks alot.

  11. Dusty James says:

    I have a lot of games that I use to play all day and over and over no matter how many times i beat them. I loved playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Halo! but since this is PS the games I loved to play and took a lot of my time that was well wasted lol was Metal Gear Solid3: Snake Eater and MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, Down Hill Domination, GTA3/SA/VC, The Godfather, Onimusa/2, Genji and Bayonetta! that was just offline games. I loved playing CoD4/MW2/W@W online with my friends and family. we use to kick so much a** when we teamed up. our clan was REZ.
    for PS4 it looks like most of my time will be taken by MGS5(both) Watch Dogs, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online and many others that are coming later this year.


  12. ziyad pida says:

    the game i could not take my hands off of for the longest time was star wars the old republic, an mmo rpg
    this game took up at least like 6 hours of my day if not more. i played this non stop. its an amazing game to be playing with friends, and it never gets boring. this game will keep you happy, trust me. i would reccomend this to everyone and the best part is, ITS FREE!

  13. Chad Flick says:

    I am really quite amazed to see that there are not a million people that have replied by saying Mario! I mean who hasn’t played every Mario game known to man? I know I have, and I have a hard time believing that I’m alone on this. I love how far the video game world has come since Donkey Kong captured/held captive the princess on the top of his tower…While a little Italian plumber dude had to leap rolling barrels,run past flaming fire faces,climbed ladders,and ect.ect….to to try to reach his beloved,or who ever she was suppose to be back then LOL!! All the way to gobbling down a mushroom to become NOT SO SMALL Mario, having control of fire by eating a beautiful exotic flower,and who could forget the leaf that changes him into a tail flapping flying raccoon man…all of this and much much more while he was on his way to kick the butt of a possessed over grown, spiky shelled turtle freak of nature…along with his many minions! ! !MMUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I dare not forget traveling the galaxy or saving the Mushroom Kingdom on 64 and even more…using the first ever motion controller to conquer Mario on Wii !!! Still no matter how many millions of games I have played or will play in the future…When I hear this question asked, all I can imagine answering wit is “Mario.” Matter of fact, I’m still really into bustin out some Mario!!

    Thank You Shigeru Miyamoto!!!!
    I feel that if not for this man,then today’s gaming world would not be near as amazingly awesome as it is!!! :)~

    Hats Off!!!

  14. Jye Vanderzee says:

    The game i have spent the most time playing on would definitely be ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars’ on ps3. what a mouthful haha. its not a very well known game, but gosh is it addicting. Ive had my fair share of $100 preordered games, and popular games such as gta v and skyrim, but the game that i just keep coming back to is ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars’. Its basically a game where you play soccer with cars. chuck in some crazy arenas, rocket boosters, awesome cars and lots of collisions and you have the most addictive game ive ever played. and considering its only $3.65, how could you possibly say no! every time i turn on my ps3, this game goes through my head. I dont think i could ever get sick of this game.
    It would be so cool if more people knew about this game, and it had the popularity it truly deserves!

  15. matthew Zamorano says:

    I like The Last of Us, of course i played the storyline, and I played it both on Hard and on Survivor as well. Then of course the Online-mode. Whether it’s interrogation, or survival, it’s always intense and you nine times out of ten, are gonna be just as good as everyone else playing, while still remaining a challenge.

  16. Jesse Colbert says:

    World of Warcraft for the PC would be my first choice because I have spent years playing this game since 2006-2012. I may have messed a month in each year but I was active. The game was fun, I have paid for monthly subscriptions, game expansions, in game gold, and character transfers. With in those years I believe I have forked over $1,000+ to Blizzard. I’m like MAN! I wished I had that money back lol. I can’t imagine what other Warcraft players is handing to Blizzard year after year, even this minute.

    BUT! This is a playstation thing so my number one game I spent more time playing would be “Uncharted 2.” I know when playing multiplayer/co-op with a friend we was really tripping over THE CHOKERS! well, that’s what we called them. Still not sure what they’re actually called lol. They’re enemies that will approach you to start choking, strangle, or pretty much have you in a sleeper hold. Only your teammate can free you of this, while you sit there looking stupid PRESSING THE TRIANGLE BUTTON REPEATEDLY! to stay alive lol. I had so much fun playing this game when it first came out with my friend. I had to pay somewhere around $375 for a phone bill because I didn’t have a headset at the time. I really wanted to talk to my buddy while gaming. See, what have happened I thought I had this service for free minutes since we have the same phone carrier, nope. Was not happy seeing that bill, it sucked big time. MAN! just to think, that price could have went toward a headset and more games. Its all good, having fun is what count, right?

  17. Shannon Hallman says:

    Medal of Honor: Airborne, I still pull all nighters

  18. Joshua Claffey says:

    Probabay gta v out of every single game i’ve played and thats alot

  19. Aaron Aiossa says:

    The very first game that took up some sleepless night would have to be Mario 64, that game was just a life changer, even tho i was only 7 it was amazing. If we had to PS only then well there is only 1 game and 1 game alone that took most my year of year 12…. OBLIVION… over 400 hours i gave to this amazing game and still yet to finish it.

  20. Lew Donley 2 says:

    Either Mario Cart or 007 golden eye on 64 both using 4 player mode all day all night

  21. Marcin Maliszewski says:

    I remember playing Colin McRae Rally on PS1 for quite sometime when I was a kid. For PS3, it will be Assassin’s Creed games, MW3, Black Ops 2 and The Last Of Us. Those are the games which I have enjoyed playing on daily basis for couple of weeks.

  22. Zach Cardoso says:

    The most addictive game I’VE PLAYED is defiantly Super Smash Bros Melee for the GameCube. I played that game so much with my friends, cousins, and especially with my brother. The fighting is fun and challenging at the same time and the characters and stages is just one big nintendo nostalgia trip down Memory Lane. Although Brawl had a stage created ( which was VERY limited) and the online ( which worked ok for me) Melee was just fast-pace and had characters Brawl didn’t (Mew two and Roy especially) it was great overall. I still have it as you can tell in my profile pic. I have seen how long I’ve played it was 85+ hours! I’ve had it since 2009, so if you have a gamecube, do yourself a favor and drain hours of your life off in this game!

  23. Brandon Kiser says:

    Would have to be either fallout 3 or Skyrim. The vast open world with possibilities that seem almost limitless, with quests and side quests and random adventures that can have you invest 80 hours +. Wether you want to sit and tinker or just wander, there is always something fun to be done, and when you think that you have seen and done it all, they both do a great job at tossing a curve ball that keeps your interest.

  24. Mazahir Fazel says:

    The game i think i spent the most time playing would have to be Assassins Creed 3 as i got it on release date and spent a lot of time playing it in my spare time, after have succesful completed ACR i really enjoyed this one and completed it within a week

  25. CESAR ORTEGA says:


  26. martin söderström says:

    Oh, got to think…..being a sports fan as i am and football(soccer) in particular, i’m tempted to say FIFA. But i’ve got to say Kingdom Hearts on the ps2, I played that game over and over and never got bored with it. Even when I had the ps3 available I couldn’t stop playing the game!

    Can’t wait for Kingdom hearts 3 to release on the ps4, oh man!!!

  27. soli aust says:

    It was batman arkham asylum the game that I filled most my time with.
    I think we didnt have any game like that before , the combat and boss fighting was my cop of tea ,
    Batman series is my favourite game that enjoy playing every time ,

  28. Chawin Wiwatcharoenkul says:

    I spend a lot time with game online on pc that called ” point blank” in my country , but in US called ” project blackout”. It’s a fps game and I really addicted , but in playstation I had spend time to play tekken bery long time almost everyday on my holiday.

  29. Vidar Franzén says:

    The game ive been using up most of my time must be skyrim or the last of us, since ive got platinum on both ofcthen, on my old account(seems legit right?)
    Althiugh the game i remember playing the most is probably uncharted 2 multiplayer with my brother, one day he even came over to me with his ps3 and we played uncharted 2 multiplayer on two ps3s on two screens, next to eachother, awesome right? And we always played assassination mode where you dont respawn until next round, and everyone on my team was dead except me against 3 other players and i won, and due to that my brother jumped sky high of joy off my couch and hit my bed with his head(since my bed was a bed you ha to climb up on a ladder)

  30. dewit booker says:

    The game I spend alot of time with was bioshock infinite , for the first time playing , it so dromatic discovering who you are and why are you doing such thing like rescuing Elizabeth , I could sometimes feel the tear on my face ; once I saw the ending I was disblived and shocked .
    It was really good game to spend uoyr time with.

  31. Pierre Banuelos says:

    The videogame that I must admit consumed a lot of my time but I think was time worth in gold had to be Street Fighter Turbo for Sega Genesis, I remember I started playing the game when I met an old childhood frien which owned the arcade in a small convenient store in a very poor neighborhood in Mexico, we used to have tournaments on a daily basis which took place for days, then I got the game for my Sega Genesis on one of my trips to the United States with the allowance money that I saved for a whole year from my parents, I remember the day I bought the game like it was yesterday, after I got home I would play with my friends after school on hours on end. On PlayStation though I would have to say that I played DarksidersII more than any other game, that game made me feel like i was actually doing something bigger than just playing a game, more like I was helping restore something that was broken within me. Like a good friend once told me, it’s not how you play the game it’s what you put into the game that ends up coming back to you as a reward in the end.

  32. Joseph Veevers says:

    It’s hard to pinpoint this cause there are so many games I have really got into
    But I have to say either Outlast on the PS4 or The Amazing Spider Man on PS3
    Outlast- this game was so challenging and freaky to me that I was just determined to complete it, this is the true beauty of a great horror game
    The Amazing Spider Man- I have always been a huge Spidey fan I don’t remember a spider man game I haven’t had, this game was so well made and I had been looking forward to it for ages, it’s puzzles and suspense truly made it a fantastic game I can’t wait for the Sequel

  33. Alfonso Boxill says:

    for me it would be the dragon ball z budokai series on the ps2 i am a huge dbz fan and there were 7 so year by year i will play the previous one until the next one came out and when i got all 7 replay the whole thing in order wish they will remaster them on the ps4 so i can relieve those sweet memories

  34. Dean Mooney says:

    Pretty much any mgs game. But if I had to pick one, it would be mgs2 for the ps2. I remember playing so long, then realising that there wasn’t enough room on my memory card to save the game, so I had to leave the system on until I beat the game. 2 and a half days I never turned the power off, finally beat it, cleared some room on the card, and immediately started playing it again. I’ve never been so emotionally involved with characters from a game or movie or show as I was with the characters from mgs.

  35. Ma Kaza says:

    I was playing with my brothers Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 all night talking via steam.Great times.

  36. Sulaymaan Ahmad says:

    Since I only have a PS2, I used to play San Andreas a lot. Can’t forget those days.

  37. solid snake says:

    Well for me it was metal gear solid 4 , the game was speacial none like any other , the story was so strong , some times it could end up a man cry.
    When you find out what the real truth is about ur self , it will break your heart
    that solid snake will die at ending , every second of game ; you know the main character is going to die , you ll get that feeling , I spend hours and hours on that game to explore and see whats going to happen.

    • Wilson Mercado Lopez says:

      I would have to go and pick Final Fantasy 7. Till this day there has not been any game that made me play it for so long. day and night trying to level up all the Materia to max level and all my guys to level 99 and then the yellow materia to learn all the enemys attack moves. the only game that has come even near this game is Dark Souls & Demon Souls. I cant wait for Dark Souls 2 to be released. that will be epic and MAYBE might even beat or come near to beating Final Fantasy 7 time spent.

  38. Bryan Koh says:

    Gta SA on ps2
    Still remembered when I was 11years old I didn’t have any console to play
    Then I worked at cafe where near my house every night to earn the money to buy ps2
    Finally I bought that
    Now ps4 ady released
    I also got it by working n earn money by myself
    Really thanks SONY

  39. Larin Lazar says:

    assasins creed series and cod

  40. Joseph Anderson says:

    Well the longest game i played for any console would have to be Final Fantasy 10 for the Ps2. I literally played that game everyday when i get home tell i went to bed at night when i was a teenager. The total time played i had on it was over 125 hours for it. I had everyones ultimate weapons for every character and could go through the game killing monsters with just one hit. I’m actually replaying it again before the Final Fantasy X/X-2 comes out to PS3.

  41. Kenny schafer says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is Fallout 3, because i spent hundreds of hours playing it to completion. I did, however, spend a lot more hours on World of Warcraft, hours i would spend just hanging out in Stormwind and Dalaran after weeks/months of grinding a toon to end level. I would also raid with my guild and help lower lvl’s get gear or help them with achievements.

  42. I spent the most time of the past 10 years trying to beat Jak II from NaughtyDog. I have never beat the game. The franchise I believe was one of the best of History. I know few people who found the game “easy”, but for others, you can’t beat it without failing any part of the game. I got the PS3 HD Remastered Edition on Day 1 of release at a gamestop 50 miles away Just to Play it for $40. The 3D port is even more of a challenge, but still have not beat it. I played this game on the PS2, PS3 and PS Vita. That is how much I want to play it, buying it on all three, PS2 Twice! I really hope they will make a PS4 version, or even another Sequel by NaughtyDog. If anyone who reads this hasn’t played it…. BUY IT! You will thank me at first but when you see you broke your controller, I WARNED YOU! This game is very difficult…
    I got off-topic again ;)

  43. Terri Stork says:

    Wow, this question made me think. I’ve spent countless days engulfed in games. However, there was nothing like playing skyrim. I played for days and days on end. I made every type of character I could think of, with several playing styles. I eventfully tried to find every location and complete every mission. I’ve never been so into a game. The soundtrack was so perfect too. It was easy to get lost in the story.

  44. Sean Ballard says:

    Which game have you spent the most time playing for any console?
    i have spent many many hours and days sitting on my butt playing non other than the halo games i cant pick what halo game i have played the most of because to me i cant choose between then they all have a special place in my heart that no other game can fill, and my dedication went so far that i bought a xbobx one two days ago for when halo 5 comes out in 2015.

  45. The game that I spent the most time on? Hmm, it’s got to be a draw between Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and MW2. When I first got R6V2, I stayed up late on weekends and during summer playing it. Occasionally I’d fall asleep while playing it and when I woke up the next day, I continued playing. That game was one of my favorites for PS3. MW2 I played online a lot during summer because friends would want me to play TDM or FFA, even 1v1. Quickscopes.. that kind of stuff. To be honest I found R6V2 more fun because you could go all silent and also customize your character. Terrorist Hunts were the most fun, especially with friends. It was funny tricking and scaring the terrorists.

    There’s also the Assassin’s Creed series. I couldn’t stop playing the stories. The storylines were too amazing! I loved the flow of them along with the gameplay. After spending a great amount of time going through the storyline, I spent about the same amount of time going around completing the requirements for the trophies. One of the best series in my book for PS3.

  46. rico chinco says:

    Well , it was killzone series that made me intrested in playstion
    I dont know how to explain it but , it gave a really good feeling while playing the story was heart breaking and dark , it affected me alot .
    As said it was the game that interdouced me into ps generation.

  47. Taylor Johnson says:

    When I was a kid I would sneak down to the basement and play N64 literally all night, there were many sleepless nights when I was young. The game I spent most time on was Banjo Kazooie, I loved that game and explored every nook and crevice in it. I remember I was playing Mario 64 and beat Bowser the first time and thought I had beaten the game, I was jumping and screaming, I was so excited! Then I saw it gave me another key to another part of the castle and I had to beat Bowser again.. 2 more times. haha. Halo: CE brought me into the hardcore mode of gaming and I will have to say its still my favorite game to date, being grown up now, I’d hate to see how many hours I spent playing that game.. I’d still think it was worth it ;). As far as playstation goes, the PS4 is my first one! Time permitting, I haven’t been able to play as much as a like, nor are there many games worth losing a night’s sleep on.. maybe if I won a new PS4 game from this give away it’ll convince me ;)

  48. Lewis Smith says:

    I’ve spent most if my time playing skyrim on the ps3 and metal gear solid 4 :) I have completed them games over 10 times each and they never get boring I always find new stuff to do in them and new ways to play the game :)

  49. Julian Dorsey says:

    I spent a TON of time playing Mass Effect 2 and 3. They both touched me emotionally… even to this day, they still do. Usually would play them all of the night and all of the day. Those days i would go without sleep… i had to cut out of school just to finish them because they were both pretty damn good games.

  50. Edward Scragg says:

    Obviously The Last of Us, I went over that game time and time again and the new DLC got me as emotional as the game.

  51. Ian Kennedy says:

    The one game I’ve spent the MOST time on was skyrim for the playstation 3,
    I remember the days where I would sit for hours on end exploring the vast landscapes of skyrim. My longest record is about 7 hours straight. No joke. There is a groove in the couch to prove it lol.

  52. Jak Webb says:

    Well, Killzone. What can I say?

    This was the game that defined me as a gamer, and it all started with Killzone.

    Captain Jan Templar, a name I will never forget.. I played Killzone for hours upon hours and this was the most amount of fun I had ever had in my life! And I honestly didn’t think that I would ever be that attached to a game. I was wrong.

    Killzone 2, this game was insane! Me and my best friend played it for 1 day and 6 hours straight only pausing for toilet breaks and a snack or two! We were hooked! And the multiplier made us even more sun deprived! but god damn I was not prepared for the beauty that would be Killzone 3 and this is where I disappeared from society for 3 and a half weeks!

    After completing Killzone liberation I waited for the next Killzone, and my wait was rewarded greatly! Killzone 3 will live on with me forever as it has to be the most time I have spent playing a game in my life! I hammered that masterpiece for what seemed like an eternity and I loved every single action packed adrenalin filled second! I remember my first time on the multiplayer and seeing an Exo-suit, I had a 18 killstreak in it before finally being stopped. I think the longest time I spent on Killzone 3 in one go was 2 days (I paused for food and toilet of course!) and I loved it, I completely lost track of time! And then the DLC came out, my god. JETPACKS! I couldn’t believe how awesome this was! Goodbye to another week of my life!

    Lets fast forward to Killzone Shadow Fall.

    Wow just… Wow. PS4 and Killzone 4… It’s… It’s beautiful! I lost another 3 weeks to this legendary game, with a 1 day and 2 hour gaming streak! I’m still playing it today as I can’t get enough! Hell, maybe I’ll spend longer on it than I did on Killzone 3!

    So yeah, Killzone has the longest time for me! But maybe Tom Clancy’s: The Division will steal that title!

    -Jak AKA Mr_AkUlA

  53. Vinson Saldivar says:

    The most time I spent playing a game was recently on Battlefield 4 on the PS4. I was instantly a fan of the game play as the graphics were so crisp and revolutionary and the content so action pack from the first step my character layed on the battlefield, that I couldn’t set my controller down unless I needed to use the restroom, grav something to eat for the family, or was just too exhausted to stay up a minute longer. I recently bought the game about a month ago and on a 3 day weekend about 2 weeks ago, I played from Thursday night around 6pm up until 3 am Tuesday morning. I just couldn’t keep myself off of conquest, because it allowed me to gain extra xp that I needed to keep unlocking better weapons, equipment, vehicle upgrades, camo, briefcases, and field upgrades. I am a die-hard COD fan, but ever since I hopped on BF4, I haven’t been back on Ghosts.
    I am married, with 2 girls and a son on the way, so you know I was getting the 10th degree from the wife of what I should be doing. I just kept reassuring her I would take care of what needed to be taken care of, but that didn’t really happen. Currently, I am a full time student pursuing 3 degrees while working 26 hrs in the counseling center at American River College in Sacramento, CA and had an essay due, math exam to study for, and integrated circuits homework to work on due the following week, but that all was put on the back burner because I was in a zone on BF4. My 5 year old daughter Gia even got in on the action and is even better than some adults in FPS games! I have a gaming prodigy on my hands! She can seamlessly go from sniping someone, to knifing someone trying to sneak up on her. She listens to the environment and even knows how to use the radar to see nearby enemies.
    I let her watch the trailer for Infamous Second Son and she told me she wants to play it and ‘get the bad guys’. I feel if I was chosen as the week three winner, I can have a father/daughter bonding moment and show her where the future of gaming is headed. I have a Nintendo console, Sega Genesis console, PS2, PS3, and PS4 that my daughter and I enjoy playing together. I take joy in the fact that she enjoys playing even the older systems as much as I did when I was her age.
    -Vinson aKa Vin-Nitty

  54. ashkan saleki says:

    i remember playing assassins creed 3. 6 hours striaght in day , it was awsome , cool and charecter details was lovely.

  55. Scottie DeFilippo says:

    Metroid for the NES… played for hours and days, beating the game over and over again.. just could not get enough. After the 7th play through you played with no armor on, well you didn’t take more damage or anything, just the skin changed, but was still such an amazing game…. I’m not sure how many times I beat that game, just know it was a TON… but every time, it was awesome…

  56. pop pir says:

    far cry 3 was one the most greatest game i have played just to finish the game see the ending , it was open world the the looked stunning .
    you could do everything on that game , it was really fun to play ,.

  57. John Casserol says:

    The game I spent the most time on, on console would have to be Uncharted 3, that game is soo beautifully designed. Even if alot of people hate it, its definitely one of my favorite PS3 games.

  58. Lennon O'Connor says:

    Assassin’s creed probably one of my favorite games!

  59. john hayter says:

    The game i played was counter srike , it was extremly fun to play had lot of fun with it , playing with friends didnt felt the time going .

  60. Jay Gar says:

    The game i have spent the most time on would have to be MW2. I played that game soooo much. I remember on a school day i would go to sleep at 3 AM trying to get Fall camo for the UMP. Last time i played it i checked and i had over 70 days of gametime. Those where the days.

  61. Andrew Lacroix says:

    I spent a lot of time playing skyrim on my pc. The main questline was a good 50hrs not including the awesome dawnguard and dragonborn dlc packs, then im still finding new side-quests since I bought the game back in 2012 and mods have proven to be really cool, funny and add a certain level of depth to the game. Probably spent over 300hrs on this game!!!

  62. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    Well thats easy. Skyrim on my 360!!!!!!!!!!

  63. nick jalaghonia says:

    Metal Gear Solid 3 was my pick of most played game on ps2, i enjoyed it so much, that always wanted to go back and play on all difficulties i loved this game. cutscenes were great, that had cinematic feel to it, stealth gameplay and snake, who was like james bond, who fights villains, becomes stronger, gets the girl and has epic sountrack through the game!!!

  64. Ethan Harris says:

    Wow Mine would be Fallout 3 and 4 but 3 was better and gta 4

  65. Jason Smith says:

    in all honestyine would be final fantasy VIII it was amazing I would days of school just to play it. so many hours were dedicated to that game. I missed a wedding and two birthdays playing it

  66. Chava Duenas says:

    Pokemon! Back in the game-boy days, that game would be addicting to me! It brought entertainment to me by training low leveled Pokemon, collecting rares, battling for badges, and competing against friends through a usb cable! I remember how I’d collect every version: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and still today I continue playing the newer versions on the 3DS. By the way, Charmender was my first pokemon of all time.Those were good times!

  67. Steven Brennan says:

    I would say PlayStation all-stars I know it’s not the best game, no one knows that better than me, but it’s just nice to be able to play against your friends in the same room chirping each other getting overly excited when you pull off something crazy the funny moments when someone dies out of no where and when someone starts raging lol too funny,you know it just brings you back to how gaming with your friends use to be and you’ll never have more fun online with friends then playing in the same room together

  68. Chancelor Wray says:

    I could never forget zonic on sega genesis! But Mine would be zelda, metal gear solid, crash bandakoot, spyro! Zelda was the first game I fell for. I couldn’t believe they made games that elaberate and exciting! I fell in love with the storys and adventures always dreaming of what woild happen next! When the playstation came, my first game was spyro! The graphics and gameplay blew my mind!the way you flew chased and fought, was so exciting I couldn’t get away. Then came crash! Which again exceeded any expectations I had for playstation. After all I wasnt really a pc gamer! But crash spyro and zelda took hours and hours and days of my childhood and still to this day. The traveling of worlds the way the characters interacted like a fantasy book relvealing its self in word and picture. Then came Metal Gear Solid! Yes I olayed it on the super nin. But when PS came out with it my fate to videogames was sealed! Metal gear blow everything out of the water! You were everything a boy in the modern age wanted to be! A stealth shadow dwealling bad ass soldier! Able to hide in boxes knockou and hide the bodies of foes. Pulling out your gun and being able to tranq or kill, it was your choice! And of course the iconic sound of being spotted or snakes classic scream of death and his closest allies calling his name! I knew from these games I was forever in my lifetime a gamerfor life! I’ve played almost every single game on almost every console. I cried (still do) and screamed, broke controllers, and still loved every game. The way i would act while playing link on zelda! Makebelive games of saving my princess. The places you could go on crash and the fun interaction the used to get you involved. And spyro the dragon who was a straight G. He was a kid just like me learning as we played. And theheart pounding thrill of metal gear! Seeing the esclamation point and hearing t soldiers look, smoking a cig and at the last second stop snake from smoking. Theses are the joys of gameing for me! The opprotunity to be, see, act, play, travel, live or die and play again.

  69. Christian Vickers says:

    I spent a lot of time in mw2 playing multiplayer with my dad and getting my but handed to me but still a had a blast

  70. yannick gravel says:

    i remember when i was younger spending days playing final fantasy vii and this game is awsome and still awsome and im happy that sony are remastered this game because i tought it was one of the best game on playstation, a other game i cannot stop playing is the god of war franchise on ps3 , the story line is fantastic and the game is so intense with the action, its keep me captivated and i still playing that game over and over again and i hope so they will make the free transfer for ps4 for that game. i had spend many hours on borderland2 and all the call of duty to but the game on pc i had spend the most hours might be world of warcraft i stop played now because i dont have the money byt month to paid and the time to play because with wow you have to play on a certain scheduale to get the most powerfull gear and it dont fit with my personnal time and my job. Other game that i like and i walktrhought are dead space 1-2-3 and fear 1-2-3 and i still like playing that game, last of us and all the resident evil they are awsome. i remember to spending many hours with one of my firiend on halo when i had my xbox before it get the ring of dead.

  71. Zachariah White says:

    Ah my first few ps3 games back in the summer of 2009. I was 10 at the time and my mom and stepdad had decided to get a ps3 for the blu ray player but we also got a few games with it. Those games were Oblivion, Street Fighter IV, and The Bourne Conspiracy. While I didn’t really play Bourne that much, the teenager whose Mom rented our basement would watch me and we play through games a lot together. We had so much fun playing Street Fighter IV trying to get all the characters and facing off against each other. Usually using my step dad’s profile since he had most of the characters (I mainly used Akuma.) Now I get started on Oblivion and let me tell you we played the hell outta that, it was soooo much fun trying to complete the story and side quests. While I didn’t beat the game till I got the PC version I would always return to the ps3 version. Playing the game was a lot of fun, we would get really into it figuring stuff out together or sneaking into places to assassinate someone for the Dark Brotherhood. I wish I could relive those memories again, those were the good times and now that the new generation of gaming is out I hope I can enjoy those memories on the new games that come out. (Still waiting for Skate 4 to be announced and Borderlands 2 on the vita to be released.) Anyways I hoped you enjoyed reading a 15 year olds recap on his golden time of gaming (or early 7th gen don’t make me get into when I rented Skate 3, that’s a whole paragraph on its own lol.)

  72. Dakota Latusek says:

    I game I played the most and longest was The Last Of Us. I’ve never played a video game where I was so emotionally attached to the characters and the storyline. Not only was the game truly flawless, but I felt the need to keep playing because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. When people died, I was upset, it was like I was actually in this video game and that it pertained to my entire life. After I completed the game I played the multiplayers for months because it was such a great and exciting experience. Can’t wait for the DLC.

  73. Nico Nieminen says:

    Metal Gear Solid! 1, 2, 3, 4 –> :)

  74. Ranvijay Tewatia says:

    i spent almost half of my day playing killzone 2, online on ps3..and on weekends i had spent the entire day playing it online..great days they were..and same was with killzone 3..killzone is one such exclusive games which requires its own needs hours of practice to get used to the classes and the weaponry..

  75. Thomas Watson says:

    i spend loads of time on call of duty modern warfare 3 on ps3 i loved the game

  76. Alex McGrath says:

    I used to play allot of counter strike on PC, used to be so addicted to it! I had loads of addons and plugins, between throwing grenades which had heineken can skins or duracell bunny skins being comical, running winamp plugin so i can play some serious thrash metal seamlessly with my online gaming. counter strike, literally almost cost me my job, not majorly because of not turning up to work or being late, but mainly due being absolutely useless when i got in at 7am on a construction site when i had been up till 5-6am playing it.

  77. Abel Sanchez says:

    M G S!!!!!!! I really love mgs. And hope it never ends. PS2 days were the sheet!!!

  78. sev sha says:

    crash bandeku was the best game i played by best mean , i spend lots of time playing on it ,now days with good graphics game and multiplayer , i cant feel the same that i had with that game.

  79. sev sha says:

    Golden eye was the that i played alot ,it was fun to play and you could have fun time playing it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. Praimchand Harrilal says:

    My favourite game that I spent playing on for most of the time was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.I used to be hours and hours on that game.From 7:00 a.m to 6:30 p.m sometimes I started getting headaches and dizziness.I really and truly loved that game.There was that 1 time where I was so caught up in that game I was playing till 2:30 a.m and my dad caught me playing.The next day the whole PS3 and the controllers were gone but then he gave me it back the day after and he gave me a strict warning.

  81. Aaron Freeman says:

    Mine, Would have to be the game Rage for the Ps3. Haven’t been playing for awhile after my son was born. My wife came home with the game as a gift for me. Told me to take some time to myself and relaxe. The last game I got into before was fall of man so I was excited to see what the game play had evolved to. Started playing and was amazed. Played all that weekend and more. I don’t know a time frame of how long but got it when it first came out and I am still enjoying playing it.

  82. kristen george says:

    my most addicted game was call of duty black ops 2 i find it was challengin nd hv a great multiplayer nd i love the zombies it was for ps3

    • Evan Cabanaw says:

      Final Fantasy 7 for sure. I spent over 100 hours playing that game. Without any game guides (couldn’t afford them at that time) I managed to get the golden chocobo’s and defeat the weapons. Without a doubt best FF game ever. Most addicted game of it’s time and really.. this game put playstation on the map as Nintendo was a top competitor at the time. I blame this game for sliding grades at school and a little bit less of a social life then I normally had. I remember late nights til 4 am playing this game. And the graphics? Amazing! The CGI videos were crazy. Maybe I’m dating myself here lol. Hasn’t been as good of a FF game since.

  83. Jesse Olasava says:

    I gotta say that the games that i spent the most time on were PS2 gta san andreas, because you could basically do whatever you wanted like create your own gang & kill as many cops you wanted when you where pissed off lol, also spent time on DBZ BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 3 because that game could relief your stress and it made you feel like you were actually doing a final flash or kamehameha HAHA :) For the PS4 i played assasin’s creed black flag from morning till dawn it was one of those games where you could explore the world the way you wanted and could take as much time as you wanted on the quests you had to do as an assassin.

  84. john sha says:

    Most game , that spend alot of time playing it was fallout 2 ,
    It was really good , i felt I never plqyed this type of game before , it was awsome and good storyline.

  85. The game i spent a lot of time on was dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 because it was one of the best dbz games in my opinion and it didnt get boring doing the story mode which was pretty accurrate and doing battles / tournaments with my friends was awesome . Also i spent a lot of time on Assassins creed black flag because of the side missions and hunting main mission and also played online, etc :D

  86. jason lucy says:

    I would have to say final fantasy 7 its in my opinion the true definition of an RPG and have me countless hours of wandering and searching..also socom confrontation gave me a few thousand hours of strategic game play when I got into competitive gaming

  87. Mohammed Abdelsalam says:

    For me Gta V is the best game i’ve ever played (it’s also the game i’ve played the most)!!
    graphics are sick!, the storyline is very catchy and on top of that the online gameplay is amazing!! I also enjoyed playing with 3 different characters (especially with Franklin!)
    I liked many games just like San Andreas but this game is clearly the best!!

  88. cullen hamilton says:

    Fifa 2010 defo my favorite out of the fifa games

  89. Alejandro Vasquez says:

    Definitely Need for Speed Underground until we had to let the ps2 cool down its temperature.

  90. All time is probably runescape the PC game I played that like 8 hours a day everyday for over a year before I got my ps3. But if were talking Sony console the title holder use to be borderlands one with 150 hours or so but Battlefield 4 has taken the crown on PS4 I’m almost at 200 hours played

  91. Shawn Hilaire says:

    I haven’t spent much time on games and actually finish them I kind of just rotated my games around until I got to both InFamous game. that game was spectacular I don’t think I really went to sleep, my mother forced me to go to sleep threatened me break my Ps3 I played nonstop and I started the game over to see what would happen if i went good versus bad.

  92. Alex Bieber says:

    To be honest I really can’t think of the game I played the most, but I have a pretty good idea. Since Christmas I spent A LOT of time playing GTA 5, usually when a new game comes out I stop playing the old ones. I know for a fact the game franchise I played the most, and longest is Call Of Duty, which I am sure is true for many people. Although I am not sure, the game I played the longest would most likely be Call Of Duty World At War. A few years ago, probably in 2011 or 2012, I got A LOT of money for Christmas, so I decided I would buy older games rather than new ones. I bought Battlefield 3, MW1, and Call of Duty World at War. I loved the Campaign and would soon become addicted to the multiplayer. Despite the multitude of hackers I played non-stop with the goal of becoming prestige. It became the favorite game of my friends and me. Eventually I bought the DLC maps so I could finally play a decent map for Zombies, then I was truly hooked. Thanks to World at War, Zombies is my favorite game mode in all Call of Duties that have it. Eventually I stopped playing, but the more I think about the more I begin to realize how much I actually did play World at War.

  93. Elias Duarte-Lopez says:

    Black Ops 2 for the Playstation 3. I would spends hours and hours playing it on a small 19 Inch Flat Screen :O I would even wake up in the middle of the night and play Black Ops 2.

  94. Gerardas Remeikis says:

    Turok: Evolution on ps2! The best game EVER! :D

  95. John Santiago says:

    I still remember going to Gamestop and buying it which was about 10 yrs ago. That game would be GTA San Andreas. I was merely 7 or 8, but I had heard a lot about the game and somehow convinced my mom to buy it. As soon as I got I didn’t wait to play it and jumped on my PS2 early on. This game got me hooked on for hours I will never forget and it sometimes still does. Not only that, but GTA basically set the tone for me to become a gamer.

  96. Justin Lively says:

    I would have to say Doom and Final Doom on the Playstation 1. I spend hours playing them two games! Those two game never get old. Specially playing them on god mode , being able to fight all those monsters! To this day i love hooking up my playstation one and playing them games not stop!

  97. mark boyer says:

    I would have to say for me it was need for speed underground remember having drift contest with my bothers for 10 to 12 hours straight just to see who could get a better high score

  98. Saimonas Daracius says:

    It probably was GTA San Andreas, funny thing is that I played it when i was just 8 years old :, I spent A LOT of time just free roaming trying to do some tricks and show off to my brothers, didn’t really cared about story since I wasn’t good at english(2nd language) and I remember to this day when I took my girlfriend on a date(in game) and police started going after me, I jumped out of my car shot couple jumped back into my car and accidentally drove over my GF, I started to panic then i got off of police and tried to go to her but always got message that she’s not home :'( Had to find a new one :P

  99. Ole Martin Tangen Vad says:

    I think the game I’m spent the most time playing is Call of Duty: Black Ops. I spent 15-16 hours on the multiplayer mode.

    • James Hewitt says:

      I spent a lot of time on modern warfare 3. Really enjoyed that game. Battlefield 4 has also consumed a lot of my time as I’m a huge fan of battlefield .

  100. Aurin Nutland says:

    Well deserved. Good job. Enjoy mate!

  101. Richard Wilson-Sobotka says:

    i remember always playing halo 2…… that was the first time i ever played a shooting game and was the most fun i had ever had

  102. Aaron "Jake" Satlin says:

    Halo 3 was the most fun i ever had with a game because of Forge world. I still remember Elephant Glitch and doing that for hours and hours. Also you can download other peoples maps and try them out for yourself was also fun too. But the best things was the race courses!

  103. Brodie Berube says:

    i have play only cod Bo2 for week strait and i still play alot today. also, i love the so much, it has just taken over any other games that i use to play.

  104. Muhd Furqan says:

    i remembered playing gta san andreas on ps2 ,i think i was the logest game i ever played…i spent 6 days straight playing it :D

  105. Tom Renzoni says:

    For me I would have to say it was/or is burnout paradise just to beat some of the times in the game & to find everything in that game so you got the Platinum. Burnout Paradise will always be one of my favorite games.

  106. matthew lynch says:

    The game spent most time playing was dragonball z tenkaichi 3 on the ps2 the game was long and fun. I got to play all my favorite sagas from dragonball to dragonball gt and also i truly liked the what if sagas they funny ones and trying to get all your favorite dbz characters.

  107. Tim Schafer says:

    I spent a ton of time in high school on Diablo 2!! That game was amazing!! Now a days it would be bf4! I’m on there every second I can get!

  108. Aaron Wilson says:

    It would of been MW2 but now i would have to say Modern Warfare 3 seeing as though i nearly have a 50 day playtime but if its in one go it would still be the same game. I can remembr playing it from 8 in the morning till 4 in the morning – good job i had coffee

  109. judith vargas says:

    i spend a day playing the first assassin’s creed OMG and now is my favorite

  110. Josiah Calvert says:

    I would have to say Kingdom Hearts. I played the first one for so long because I was totally hooked into the story and I just had to see what the next bit of the story would be. I just couldn’t wait for the satisfaction of finishing the story and seeing the ending unfold.

  111. Paul Ammentorp says:

    I remember when I played GTA IV for days. It had been 4 years after the PS3 came out, and all the time, I was only thinking about GTA IV. When I needed to play it, I only played it when I was at a friends or cousins house to play it. But when I got it, the minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, where I kept playing it XD

  112. Paul Taipi says:

    Definitely Metal Gear Solid sons of Liberty! Couldn’t wait to playI

  113. sepehr sha says:

    waking up every checking ps4 fans website to see who is the winner the days that delayded i was worried who won did i win that i dont know , yesterday saw that the winner would be announce tonight , not sleeping all night to see whos the winner but sadly i wasnt , such a bad feling on that time , my senses was strong that i would win , but hoping to win week 3
    my most game played all of time steve is devil may cry , i ve played 12 hous a day , it was new and had awsome combat to use.

    ::::::::::::;Next time i would cry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  114. john sha says:

    My favourite game on ps1 was super mario on that time the was really good and good graphics but now no one plays , I remember on that , when I came back home from university , I start playing it strait away.
    Thanks for your give away steve there are less people who will do this

  115. Mina teymourzadeh says:

    As same as my cousin , metal gear solid was the game that I spend a lot with game to just finish it , the touches you with music sound track ,

  116. sev sha says:

    I spend time alot on metal gear solid I had really good time playing on it , iv cryed alot playing through with it , and im still playing and still makes me cry.