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Why Watch Dogs Will Be Amazing

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Note: every point I make in these ‘Why ____ Will Be Amazing’ articles, gives a ‘Hype’ point to the game in question. ‘Hype’ points accumulate at the end of the article to give a ‘Hype’ rating, which shows how excited I am to play a particular game.  There is never any more than 10 points.  Just to clarify, the order in which I place the points I make is not the order in which I feel they are the most exciting, meaning that point number 1 is not necessarily more exciting than point number 7, for instance.

With 1 month to go until ‘Watch Dogs’ finally graces game store shelves worldwide with its presence, I felt it appropriate to compile a list of all that I am excited for in a sure-to-be Game of the Year 2014 contender… so here it is:

  1. Dedicated hacking – never before has such a high-profile game had the main theme and feature of hacking.  Sure, a game may feature hacking in some way or form, like plugging a few cables into a server and typing random buttons on a laptop whilst holding a button down on your controller (*cough* Call of Duty *cough*), but never has it been a main gameplay feature.

    Hacking is a huge part of Watch Dogs, simply put

    Simply put, hacking is a huge part of Watch Dogs

  2. Adult themes – ladies and gentlemen, an 18-rated game; with actual adult themes!  And next, I will make this pig fly!  But seriously, most modern games feature a drop of blood and the occasional f-word, and they get an 18 rating slapped on both sides of their box (*cough* Call of Duty *cough).  Not with Watch Dogs.  You need not look any further than the last story trailer to see a fleeting glimpse of an underground sex slave network.  And I haven’t even begun to talk about the spontaneous crimes that pop up throughout the city of Chicago.
  3. Spontaneous crimes – (speaking of spontaneous crimes) you could be walking down an empty alley, sitting on a bench, or jogging through a crowd.  No matter what you’re doing, you’ll run into a ton of different people, as well as their backgrounds if you so choose.  With their backgrounds, comes the crime possibility meter, in which you can see the likelihood of them being on either ends of a crime in the very, very near future.  If it is decreasing, they’re safe (probably).  If it is increasing, they’re not safe, and you should probably do something about it.  Of course, you don’t have to, but then you’re not being spontaneous.
  4. A fully open-world Chicago – the city is your playground in Watch Dogs, and never have truer words been spoken (or typed, rather).  Whereas in most games you can simply walk the streets, Watch Dogs is different.  You can literally change your city’s destiny on the fly, on a small or large scale.  Think a light that is green should really be red?  Phone out, click, done.  Not feeling that the guy in that nice car over there deserves it?  Cause a pile-up to slow him down, and take it for an extended test drive.  Do what you want, when you want!

    Did I mention that Watch Dogs' Chicago also looks beautiful? Because it does.

    Did I mention that Watch Dogs’ Chicago also looks beautiful? Because it does

  5. Seamless multiplayer – it’s one thing for a game to include multiplayer, but another thing entirely for one to include seamless transitions between multiplayer and single-player.  (For a taste of this, check out the latest multiplayer trailer for Watch Dogs here).  No longer wish to be pestered by pesky hackers on the other side of the world from you?  No problem: simply turn your lobby settings to private.  Change your mind?  Switch it back.  Simple… even for me!
  6. The big delay – I know this is a sore subject for many people (including me, by the way), but the fact that the delay is almost over excites me.  As does the fact that I will be playing a better game than one I would have in November.  In a recent interview with Play Magazine, Ubisoft stated that nothing new has been added to the game, but parts of the existing game were fixed.  For example, you could set up the perfect sneaky kill.  A guard stands foolishly between a hackable forklift truck and a solid wall.  Without being seen, you hack it, forcing it to back up suddenly.  The guard is down, and your cover hasn’t even been blown… or not.  Guards converge on your position, as one question reverberates around your head: how?!  This is the situation you would have found yourself in in November’s version, but not in May’s.


    If you look closely, you can see that it doesn’t say ‘November 1st’

  7. Weapons – this one may sound vague, but hear me out.  The stereotypical hacker in films and games is depicted as a nerdy-looking recluse surrounded by servers and computers with enough flashing lights to randomly induce spontaneous epileptic fits.  Watch Dogs steers clear of this.  Instead, our hero (Aiden Pearce) is a tough customer.  He carries an extendable metal baton and a powerful pistol, not just a maxed-out, custom smartphone.
  8. Realistic AI – as mentioned previously, the notorious delay allowed Ubisoft to fix several issues, one being with the AI.  Now that these problems no longer exist, enemies react realistically to what you do and where you go.  For instance, if they lose sight of you and you dash off into a dark alley, they’ll run past you; investigating said alley if all other options are dead-ends.
  9. A believable, secret story – in case you didn’t know, Pearce considers himself a vigilante.  You may also not know the reasons behind him going all cap-and-face mask on everyone.  His family was destroyed by “tragic events” (Ubisoft speaking of the mysterious storyline of Watch Dogs), and now Pearce is not happy… by any stretch of the imagination.  All we know is he joins the Watch Dogs and picks up an over-powered smartphone for doing so, before taking on the system like every other leather tailcoat-wearing, greasy-haired hipster out there.  The fact it’s been kept under covers so well also means we are finally able to go into a game not really knowing what to expect… which is, quite simply, brilliant!  Why don’t more games do that?

    Age 6? I'm guessing daughter or niece

    Age 6? I’m guessing daughter or niece

  10. Franchises – Ubisoft stated last year that they would not release any new IPs without the intention of making them into franchises.  Basically, this means that Watch Dogs will become a Ubisoft franchise, and that’s just plain exciting.  Everything that could be improved with Watch Dogs 1 will be in Watch Dogs 2.  In addition to this, as the idea, graphics engine, and mechanics will already be there, the sequel will not take any where near as long to develop, and we can safely hold our breath on there not being another delay as large as this one has been.

All in all, Watch Dogs features so many different and unique elements that all appear to come together and work so well, I struggle to find a single reason why anybody is not looking forward to it.  Even if you’re not a gamer, surely just standing by and witnessing how far a game can go nowadays must be fascinating.  If these ten points have failed to rekindle your love for Watch Dogs, I don’t know what will.

Hype rating: 10/10


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