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October 17, 2016
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War Thunder

War Thunder playstation vr

Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Action / Simulation
Publisher: Gaijin Networks
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment

War Thunder is an action packed cross-platform MMO combat game.  It focuses on World War II and Cold War military vehicles, fleets, and combat weapons.



War Thunder not ready yet on PSVR

The much anticipated War Thunder PS4 game was supposed to be released with support for the PlayStation VR earlier when the system debuted. As of right now, the game is out, but the PSVR support has not happened.

War Thunder is a classic game of battle tactics based in a World War II setting.  The environment is hosted as a massive multiplayer online combat game. There are four main currencies in War Thunder: Silver Lions, Golden Eagles, Research Points, and Convertible Research Points.

Silver lions are the main currency in War Thunder.  It is free and used for buying most of the primary items, mods, vehicles, and for repairs. They are easily obtained by winning objectives,  defeating opponents, and claiming victory within the campaign modes in either single player, or co-op.

Golden Eagles are a more premium currency used to purchase better vehicles, modifications, premium research boosts, and account time.  You can purchase Golden Eagles as a microtransaction within the game, or you can obtain it by inviting your friends or participating in a special event.

Research points are another free currency used primarily for researching modifications or vehicles while convertible research points cannot be used without Golden Eagles, making them a bit more valuable by default. 

There are a few game types that you can play in War Thunder on PS4. Arcade Battles, Realistic Battles, and Simulator Battles are the primary War Thunder game modes. They are all different with varying degrees of difficulty and realism. Arcade mode being the easiest, while the realistic battles require more skill because of the more realistic game scenarios.  Simulator mode is the most realistic, but you are limited to a first person view in the cockpit or an external gunner.

There are many different types of War Thunder tanks and planes from various countries in the war.  The War Thunder tanks have different classifications ranging from light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and anti-aircraft vehicles. The War Thunder ground forces can vary in each game and in arcade mode, it is common to see players and opponents with the same tank or vehicle. There are many different strategies for your ground forces, so communication is essential for your victory in War Thunder. 

We hope to see the PlayStation VR support come quickly for this game as many people are addicted to its online multiplayer setting.  We will update this page when War Thunder VR is fully supported.

Source: playstation.com

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