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Virtual Reality Games

virtual reality games
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Virtual reality games have become advanced enough for the novelty to wear off.

The evolution of VR has changed drastically in the past few years, with Sony being right on top of the game.  For many years, the idea of virtual reality ironically seemed unrealistic, but now we find ourselves in a time where we can visit futuristic worlds, or even step backwards into the past with just a few button clicks.

Science fiction movies growing up used to show us what virtual reality could be like.  One of my personal favs, Minority Report, showed futuristic police using interactive computers being controlled by our finger tips by pushing around virtual objects.  Floating screens outlined in neon lasers made the future look awesome.  And yet I used to think how unrealistic that was back then, but as time progressed and as technology goes, here we are amidst a virtual reality race among tech giants.

Companies like Facebook, HTC, Google, Samsung, and of course Sony, have all invested significant resources in attempt to take the throne as the industry leader.  Each company offers something unique or different about their VR devices, but they all have one thing in common: they are trying to produce the best experience for virtual reality games, because without a strong line up of game titles, it doesn’t matter how advanced your tech is.  The formula is simple, gamers need games.

With these behemoth tech companies so heavily invested in virtual reality, the real winners are the gamers.  We get to experience virtual world games to the likes in which we have never seen.  I remember growing up in 1995 as a young kid and hearing about a new extension of Nintendo - the Virtual Boy.  This blemish on Nintendo's record gave virtual reality games and the technology, a bad reputation. 

To put into perspective how bad virtual reality was back then, Nintendo invested millions into this brand new technology and forecast sales within the first year to be around 3 million units sold, and about 14 million games sold.  The world just wasn't ready for such a crappy VR stint, as the Virtual Boy was discontinued in less than a year when sales barely reached 300,000 units sold.

virtual reality headset demo

We are now actually at a stage where virtual reality games look incredible.

A lot of time has passed since 1995, and computer processing has become extremely powerful.  My first experience with a more recent VR device was with the Samsung Gear VR set.  I played a few games by attaching a Samsung phone to the device, and to be honest, it was pretty cool.  The features were limited, but the quality of the picture and 3D realism was pretty solid coming from a VR phone device.

After experiencing Playstation VR for the first time, my opinion of VR as strengthened even more.  I played Until Dawn Rush of Blood and it actually freaked me out.  The realism, mixed in with my horrible fear of rollercoaster’s, actually made the experience completely unique, and oddly entertaining.  This was probably the first time I had ever actually enjoyed being on a rollercoaster. 

This made me realize, that virtual reality is a viable alternative for helping you experience things you might never get to accomplish.  The thought of this should make us all very happy as gamers.

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