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The Future of Uncharted

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As soon as Uncharted 4’s sub-title, ‘A Thief’s End’, was revealed at the conclusion of its frankly mind-blowing reveal trailer at E3, fans took to the internet to discuss and share ideas on what this would mean for the series.  Most went with the idea that Sully, Nathan Drake’s best friend and mentor/father figure, would end up dying or end his exploring years.  Those that did referred back to the quote from Uncharted 3, where Elena Fisher (Drake’s main love interest) says to everyone’s favourite explorer, “Sully would follow you to ends of the Earth… just don’t ask him to.”  Alternatively, people took ‘A Thief’s End’ to mean that Drake’s luck will run out and he will meet his end.

Is this the end for our favourite "thief"?

Is this the end for our favourite “thief”?

So, what if these theories are true?  What does this mean for, arguably, gaming’s best franchise?  Fear not!  If either of these theories (and that’s all they are at the moment: theories) are true, Naughty Dog has plenty of avenues to explore post-Uncharted 4.  For example, if you’ve ever played Uncharted 3 (if not, why?), you’ll know that Drake’s past is not only constantly referred to,  but also forms the basis of the story and you play a crucial part of it in multiple missions.  The same goes for Uncharted: Golden Abyss (the PS Vita exclusive), in which the banter between Sully and Drake reveals tit-bits of information surrounding their relationship and past adventures.  These references have always stayed as references, but could be the foundations for one or more origins games within this console generation.

This would also allow Uncharted fans to delve even deeper into Drake and Sully as characters, and give us a proper insight into their friendship before we saw them in ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’ back in 2007.  If this happened, it would also mean that we could compare how they were previously to how they are at the end of A Thief’s End, to show how they have both developed and changed since their first outings to their last one (assuming that’s the case).  And, of course, let’s not forget about the likely possibility of an Uncharted collection on the next-gen PlayStation… dare I say PS5?

Will Uncharted ever come to PS5?

Will Uncharted ever come to PS5?

So, if you (like me) were worried about the lifespan of Naughty Dog’s AAA-series, worry no longer.  There’s still life in the old Drake yet…

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