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November 20, 2013
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Uncharted 4 Preview


Last Friday Naughty Dog announced that they’re developing a new ‘Uncharted’ game for PS4 which we presume is the inevitable Uncharted 4 that fans including myself have been awaiting for the better part of a year now. All that has been show far is a gripping teaser trailer that features a map that appears to be showing the South-Eastern tip of Africa and is accompanied by a voice-over from Todd Stashwick who will play a key character in the game. See the teaser in all it’s glory at the bottom of the page.

Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra didn’t say much during his brief interview, but he did say that “Graphically you’re going to see a big jump.” It is widely known amongst PlayStation fans that the Uncharted series epitomised the graphical capabilities of the PS3 with each iteration. Uncharted 3 was nothing short of spectacular in it’s visuals which is cause for real excitement when one of the leading figures of Naughty Dog sets the bar high for the sequel with such a statement.

Uncharted graphics comparison

The evolution of Nathan Drake on PS3

Naughty Dog’s community strategist said:

“Our goal is to continue what we’ve done in previous console generations and once again deliver the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4. We can confirm that the voice-over is performed by Todd Stashwick and he will play a character in the game.”

With the vast majority of PS4 owners already pleased with their system, exclusive titles like the Uncharted series were system sellers for the PS3 and the next epic from Naughty Dog is one of the many reasons to be proud of your PS4 and the greatness that awaits.

UNCHARTED Official Teaser:


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