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November 9, 2013
November 12, 2013
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Things to expect from the team

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Hello everyone,

Steven here from the PS4 Fans team.  First of all, I’d like to thank you for checking out our site! A lot of hard work has gone into creating this, and I am thankful that you’ve decided to stop by.

Aside from all the Playstation 4 news and content that will be coming out in the early stages during launch, there are a few things you can expect from our team for this site.  Each game that comes out on the Playstation 4 has their own custom gameboard, where you can leave your comments and reviews.  We will also be adding a bit about what the critics are saying on these games.

assassins creed gameboard

Look forward to A LOT of live streaming on our channel from Siefe and Sina.  We will be posting daily polls for games that YOU want to see streamed.

A forum will be integrated shortly.  Our decision for rolling out the forum later was to first build the community through the gameboards to give each game some exposure.  After we have established a nice following, the forum will be introduced.

Contests and giveaways will also be a regular on this site.  So stay tuned for your chance to win some great prizes.

We are also going to look for ways to get the fans involved.  If you have a passion for writing, streaming, graphic or game design, then let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Finally, as any new site, there might be a few bugs here and there.  If you come across any performance issues or anything out of place, please let us know by using the online contact form.  Our goal is to make this the #1 PS4 community!


Creator and owner of Eat, sleep, game.


  1. Jonathan Miller says:

    Hey guys, this is the first place I go to for PS4 news since it has officially launched. I can’t wait for this site to get a ton reviews once the console is actually released.

  2. Shawn Hilaire says:

    I am just waiting for the Ps4 to come out already why couldn’t it have been released 2 months ago????????? Why the suspense is killing me. 4 more days not counting today.

  3. Craig Pearce says:

    Okay one thing that is a bit odd, you call them “Game boards” but the link button on the main page is “Games A-Z”
    “Game Boards” sounds much better than “Games A-Z”, Games A-Z is too generic. “Game Boards” sounds more interesting.
    Too me anyways. :)

  4. Gareth Moore says:

    I need a question answered, with no forum as yet where do I post questions?????

  5. Michael Wise says:

    Any plans on hiring mods for the forums?