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November 15, 2013
November 17, 2013
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Since the PS4’s launch in North America, certain users have reported that their consoles are failing to sign into PSN and are displaying the error codes E-80E80034 and NW-31453-6.

PS4 error code

Whilst the amount of people experiencing these errors are only 0.4% of the current PS4 owners, Sony have issued a statement regarding the matter.

“The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience.”

If you own a PS4 already are you having trouble with the console or is yours working smoothly? Let us know in the comments below.


-Senior Editor


  1. ian almeida says:

    ill be free from this

  2. Craig Pearce says:

    Has anyone had their “What’s New” menu and all the Game tiles stop displaying information?
    This was working fine on Friday but all day yesterday it wasn’t.

  3. Kelvin Heng says:

    so far no since I didn’t get the ps4 yet but soon will in like a week or for my birthday

  4. Rob Smith says:

    Trying to get the PS App to connect to my PS4 but it says no connection to PS4 . Got everything setup right . Anyone else have that problem ?

    • Craig Pearce says:

      So the PS4 did not give you a code number to enter into your phones App?
      Or the code just didn’t make it sync up?

  5. Michael Wise says:

    No problems to report on my end. However the system does get awfully hot over a short period of time. Definitely going to invest into a intercooler if CTA Digital makes one.

  6. Craig Pearce says:

    I’ve had NONE of the system issue’s that have been reported, just a few PSN4 connection drops.
    I downloaded the 1.50 system update with no problems, took less than 3 minutes to complete.
    Another thing that is amazing me. Game installs are so fast you don’t even think about it. With Killzone SF, I put this disk in and started looking around the XMB and then POW! game was ready to play. Good stuff. ;)

  7. Srikar Ganachari says:

    You might want to note that the 0.4% is for total system failures such as the ones Kotaku and IGN have reported on. Therefore you might wanna edit out that piece of misinformation

  8. rasta locks says:

    And one more thing it sure gets freakin hot

  9. rasta locks says:

    Last night downloading warframe it got to 13 percent I inserted Killzone shadow fall I went outside I came back it was still at 13 percent warframe was downloading it froze so I think I complicated the system when I inserted the kill zone i wound up having to unplug it from the wall to reset the system I started it this morning ran it for about 45 minutes no issues so I think I caused it to freeze up what do you think.

  10. Ima Fuku says:

    i was getting the error messages last night until 2 am then it let me sign into PSN

  11. Christopher Hauschildt says:

    If I had a PS4 and this happened to me, I wouldn’t really be that mad about it, I don’t have exact figures but I can imagine their servers are just completely flooded. I’m sure they’ll have it fixed in no time.

  12. Peter Hudd says:

    Cannot wait to get my Ps4, glad to see Sony are doing there best. :)

  13. Dusty James says:

    My PS4 is working nicely and smooth. I singed in when I got home around 12:45am. Then after hr or so I couldn’t play online. Then I saw PSN link saying it’s under matinance.

  14. Greg foster says:

    connection issues last night and today as well.