File photo of Sony Corp's Chief Executive Officer Hirai attends a news conference at the company's headquarters in Tokyo
January 7, 2014
January 7, 2014
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Back in February when the PS4 was revealed, Sony announced that games from previous generations of PlayStation would be made available on PS4 and other devices through cloud technology. Since then the community has pushed hard to find out what that entails, how it will work and when it will be functional.

During Kaz Hirai’s keynote speech, Andrew House the President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment came on stage to unveil ‘PlayStation Now’ a new streaming service powered by the ultra fast technology created by Gaikai which is now under the ownership of Sony.

This streaming service will make PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles available to play on PS4, PS Vita, smartphones, tablets and even Bravia TV’s which goes to show how far technology has evolved in the space of one console cycle.


Through the service Sony have already made the critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive title The Last of Us and Quantic dreams’ Beyond: Two Souls available to experience at exclusively at CES until the launch of the closed BETA.


Sony will launch a closed beta in the United States at the end of this month with plans to roll out the service in other regions by the end of Summer 2014.

The Last of Us being played through PlayStation Now

The Last of Us being played through PlayStation Now

“The tethers that have constrained consumption for decades… soon dissolve,” said Sony CEO Kaz Hirai.


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  1. danny nichols says:

    Will there be trophies for PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles? It would make the oldies worth playing again and make me spend my money.

  2. Ryan nock says:

    appertanly you can play ps1 ps2 ps3 games on ps4 and it only if you got playstation plus you can play gta v and battlefield 3 and many more thats what siefe said on facebook

  3. Greg foster says:

    i would like to know do you pick up where you left off on the streaming service? will it recognize task already completed trophies earned goals accomplished? skill lvl obtained? only way I would consider it is if I can pick up where I left off. how long do you get the game for if you chose to just go game by game? lots of unanswered questions here before I make my decision.

  4. Alonzo Medina says:

    Thats freaking awsome! I feel as if i prematurely got rid of my ps3.

  5. Mark Meehan says:

    When will it come out in Australia?

  6. Ryan nock says:

    so all my ps3 games will work on ps4 how would you get htem to work do you install them on ps3 to play or disc in ps4

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