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Why Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Will Be Amazing
April 4, 2014
April 9, 2014
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Captured from the PS Store on the PS4.

Captured from the PS Store on the PS4.

UPDATE: here’s the official trailer released by PlayStation.

We said it was happening thanks to a few sources that reported fresh news on the PS4 release of The Last of Us over the past few months, but now it’s just a matter of Sony delaying the announcement. Want some solid proof? You got it.

Captured from the PS Store on the PS4.

Captured from the PS Store on the PS4.

If that’s not enough, then here’s a screenshot of the game also being listed on the PC version of the PS Store.


The ‘remastered’ addition to the title makes me curious as to just how much better the PS4 version will look in comparison to the original PS3 edition. Only time will tell, but now we can all rest assured that it’s finally happening. And if you want to spend sixty bucks on a remastered version with all the DLC, you’re free to do so. With that price tag I have to assume that Naughty Dog are going for the PS4 owners that didn’t get to experience the game on PS3 and for those hardcore fans of the came who did play it on PS3 but love the game enough to purchase it again for full price on PS4. Will you be buying The Last of Us Remastered? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Matthew Wyers says:

    I haven’t played it but can’t afford any other games atm. I’ve got watch_dogs, Destiny, Star Citizen, SC:Blacklist, wasteland2, Arkham 1 and 2, and will probably have The Division, The Crew, and Project Cars/Drive Club. This will need to be a red box or borrow from a friend or trade.

  2. at first wasnt gonna rebuy but the more i see it the more i want it again, Man i love that game. preordered on amazon cant wait

  3. Michael Wise says:

    Day One purchase for me. No harm on double dipping on a masterpiece.