February 5, 2014
February 9, 2014
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PS4Fans.net week one giveaway!

playstation 4 games
playstation 4 games

*Winners will be able to pick any game of their choice, including titles that aren’t featured above*

Hello everyone,

Steven here from PS4fans.net.  First of all, I want to thank everyone who has registered on PS4Fans.net, joined our facebook group, our instagram, twitter, twitch, etc.  Every fan within our network means a lot to us.  The site has been live for close to 3 months now, and we’ve had a lot of cool interaction and comments from everyone here.
As a token of my personal appreciation, I’d like to give away FIVE PlayStation 4 games over the next 5 weeks.  Each week, I will post an article asking a question.  All you have to do to win is simply register on the site, and leave a comment answering the question.  You don’t need to write an overly complex essay.  A simple sentence or two will do the trick.  After the week is up, the PS4Fans.net team will get together and decide on a winner.

All we ask is that you share this article, and spread the word.  The more fans we have within our community, the more opportunities we will have to give away prizes.

Now, to the fun part.  I would like to ask everyone:

What was your favorite PlayStation 1, 2, 3, or Vita game that has NOT been released, or announced for the PlayStation 4?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Creator and owner of PS4Fans.net. Eat, sleep, game.


  1. Seumas Campbell says:

    Playstation 1: MGS 1
    Playstation 2: MGS 2&3
    Playstation 3: Gta 5
    Playstation 4: ???????????

  2. Toni Rapty says:

    Playstation 1: Final Fantasy VII
    Playstation 2: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    Playstation 3: Gta 5
    Playstation 4: Battlefield 4

    PS 4 ♥ :)

  3. Saif Rahmanur says:

    Spyro on the PS2 has not been launched on the PS4

  4. Fernando Mireles says:

    Assassin Creed Black Flag, My favorite game is bloodrayne because it gets interesting of the killings and the levels are more good.

  5. sonia wasrd says:

    Dead Raising 3,fav game for PS1 was crash bandicoot

  6. Kyle Smith says:

    my favourite game that isn’t on ps4 yet is kingdom hearts which it should because of kingdom hearts 3. also because kingdom hearts is really good and challenging game.

  7. Jimmy Hua says:

    I have a PS4, Watch Dogs

  8. casy albrecht says:

    ps2-star wars battlefront 2
    ps3-god of war saga

  9. Jye Vanderzee says:

    Skate 3 was the best game to me on the ps3. Unfortunately EA games screwed it over alot a few years after release, but before that it was awesome!

  10. Dylan Nylander says:

    For sure crash on ps1

  11. Jacob Trollston says:

    my favorite game was crash bandicoot 2 wrath of cortex, I was like 4 or 5 at the time when I owned a ps1 and I played and beat that game at least 3 times. It was the best ps game in my opinion

  12. My favorite playstation game is the god of war series it’s an awesome series made by sony santamonica my primary email is masterish300@gmail.com

  13. David Garner says:

    My favourite playstation game is Metal Gear Solid. I got hooked on the twist and turns of the story line. I’ve played every metal gear since and looking forward to ground zeros and even if it’s short I will play it for ages. :)

  14. Jonathan Arroyo says:

    My favorite ps3 game would have to be The Last of Us, because of how scary the story was to play through alone. The multiplayer is still one of the funnest things that I play with my friends.

    My favorite ps1 game would have to be FFVII, because I played it through years ago, but still remember my happiness when I finally got a golden chocobo.

  15. James Dcosta says:

    Ps1- Metal Gear Solid
    Ps2-Naruto shipuuden:ultimate ninja 5
    Ps3-Uncharted 3
    Ps4-Infamous second son
    Ps vita-Uncharted golden abyss

    Thats all!

  16. Hollard Phillips says:

    Ps1 – Can’t remember back then Lol
    Ps2 – Midnight Club
    Ps3 – GTA V
    Ps4 – Call of Duty: Ghost
    PS Vita – Never had one

  17. cullen hamilton says:


  18. suri seesequasis says:

    ps3- Uncharted series and farcry 3

  19. Nico Nieminen says:

    God of War

  20. Ligeia Sjel av Natten says:

    PS2: Onimusha
    PS3: Demon’s Souls
    PS Vita: Soul Sacrifice

  21. ian prysiazniuk says:

    Cant wait for agent 47 on ps4. Really would like to play watch dogs also. Paid for infamous. Now just a waiting game

  22. Presley Hyde says:

    PlayStation 4-Battlefield 4, frostbite 3 engine made that game great, interaction with the environment is amazing.

  23. Matteo Durda says:

    Playstation 2 – Rayman 3

  24. Anthony Dent says:

    Had a PS1 and 2 in my teens then made the choice to jump ship to Xbox but the start of last year I decided to try out the PS3 and I was well impressed especially when I could play games like Uncharted and God Of War. But one of my favorite game over all 3 consoles has to be Last Of Us! Awesome game!! Playing those sort of game was one of the main reasons I now own a PS4 :)

  25. PlayStation1:Resident Evil 2-Playstation2:The Simpsons:Hit And Run-PlayStation 3:Grand Theft Auto 5-PlayStation 4:Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition-PlayStation Vita:Black Ops:Declassified

  26. Christopher Zwinge says:

    Playstation 1 Rayman
    Playstation 2 Jak 3
    Playstation 3 The Last of Us

  27. Eric Carlo says:

    Playstation 1 would be Resident Evil 2

  28. Larin Lazar says:

    ps3-the AC series

  29. Tiago Ribeiro says:

    Last of US

  30. chun lau says:

    ps1: Suikoden II
    ps2: Metal Gear Solid 3
    ps3: Valkyria chronicles

  31. Danny McNeill says:

    The Last of Us for the PS3. This game would look even more amazing on the ps4 than the ps3

  32. Erick Siguenza says:

    the game i would like to see is BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 3 and also Just Cause 3 ALL IN ps4

  33. Daryl Langdown says:

    PS1: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    PS2: God of War 2
    PS3: Dragonball Z Raging Blast 2
    Thanks :)

  34. William Macomber says:

    Play Station 3: batman arkham city

  35. Adrian Hall says:

    My favorite game has to be Final Fantasy VII for the PS1-also favorite period! FFVII was one of the first games to feature an open world adventure that pushed RPG technology. The game wasn’t standard with your hero Cloud and your villain Sephiroth. Throughout the game, you met interesting characters through side quest and just through gameplay. You had stories within the main story. The world’s fate was in danger, but you had a love story, childhood memories (vendetta), and other antagonist. That game pushed the envelope for RPG’s and is still considered one of the best games today. The Last of Us, pushed gaming the same way, but different time periods.

    PS2: Final Fantasy X.

    PS3: The Last Of Us. This game actually increased my faith in gaming again. After FFX, I never really found another game with a gripping storyline and good graphics. This game was so great all the way around!

    All these games had gripping storylines, impressive graphics and were unique. Too many games are too similar.

  36. ilias pastourmatzis says:

    i am seeing forward for alot of games that arent released yet for ps4…..the best 3 of them are 1:watch dogs, 2:destiny, 3:the Division. there are all prety much freaking awesome games and i cant still decide which is the best

    PS games=best games ever, who gives a f*** for xbox

  37. Axel Martinez says:

    Playstation 1: Syphon Filter
    Playstation 2: Need for Speed Underground
    Playstation 3: The Last of Us

  38. simon perry says:

    Tearaway for Vita, nuff said

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 for PS3

  39. Tom Renzoni says:

    PS1: FF7
    PS2: FFX/X-2, N4S, Killzone
    PS3: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Killzone 2, 3
    PS4: Thief, The Crew, Watchdogs, DriveClub
    PS Vita: Killzone Mercenary

  40. Isacka Mncube says:

    Playstation4 Bully2

  41. Stian Sandberg says:

    PlayStation 1: Crash 2
    PlayStation 2: Ratchet and Clank
    PlayStation 3: Assassin´s Creed; Black Flag
    PlayStation 4: Infamous; Second Son
    PlayStation Vita: Dungeon Hunter Alliance

  42. sev sha says:

    Metal gear solid 4 for ps3.

  43. Josh Marshaw says:

    PS1: Gran Turismo 2
    PS2: Midnight club 3
    PS3: Skyrim
    PSVita: uncharted golden abyss

    and the ps4 Game im looking forward to is Watch Dogs!

  44. cody baird says:

    Shadow of the colossus.
    Twisted metal.
    Crash Bandicoot.
    Street Hoops.
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
    Resident Evil.

  45. Victor Morales says:

    Playstaion: rayman
    PS2: dragonball Z tenkaichi
    PS3: GTA 5

  46. Carmin Rubi Esparza says:

    ps1: crash 2, ps2 kingdom hearts II, ps3 assassin’s creed

  47. Maks B says:

    PS1- Metal Gear Solid
    PS2- Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
    PS3: Bioshock Infinite
    PS4: Killzone: Shadow Fall
    PS Vita: ACIII: Liberation

  48. Shawn Hilaire says:

    Have not seen all these people before. On my PS4 right now.

  49. PS1 Crash Bandicoot
    PS2 Grand Theft Auto
    PS3 Modern Warfare 2
    PS4 Battlefield

  50. Arturo Sierra says:

    The game I think was the absolute best. Ps3: infamous 1 and 2. Cant wait for second son

  51. kainin turnipseed says:

    PlayStation 1-Rayman PlayStation 2-Kingdom Hearts 2 PlayStation 3-Borderlands 2

  52. Mahmood Nawazdeen says:

    Playstation 1: Resident Evil 2
    Playstation 2: Sly Cooper collection (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus most fave out of them all)
    Playstation 3: The Elder Scrolly V: Skyrim (cant stop playing it)
    Playstation 4: Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4

  53. liam finnigan says:

    My favourite playstation games include:

    Ps1: resident evil 2
    Ps2: fifa street 2
    Ps3: grand theft auto v
    Ps4: fifa 14

  54. rory haggart says:

    PS2 – Simpsons Hit And Run. That game stole my life, and I have not a single regret, excluding the fact that I didn’t play it for as long as I wanted to.

  55. David Nguyen says:

    My favorite game is on ps3 which is Dragon ball z battle of Z and DC universe online

  56. Muhd Furqan says:

    The best game i ever played is for ps2 and ps3,which is….ps2:GTA San Andreas, ps3:the last of us

  57. Shawn Hilaire says:

    Playstation 3- Infamous felli in love with it

  58. brian hicks says:

    watch dogs

  59. Enrique Cutipa says:

    Playstaion 1- Crash Bandicoot, Playstation 2- God of War, Playstation 3- GTA 5. For Playstation 4 I really want Fifa 14, COD:Ghosts, Madden 25, and Watch Dogs. Hope i get picked to win.

  60. Eduardo Rodriguez says:

    my faveorite PS games would be

    PS1: the entire final fantasy series
    PS2: i would have to go with final fantasy 10 and kingdom hearts 1
    PS3 for the PS3 i will go with final fantasy 13

  61. Ivan Millward says:

    Smugglers Run on PS2.
    I played the hell out of that game especially on the Hit n’ Run mode :D

  62. josh cordero says:

    ps1 Resident evil 2, ps2 God of war, ps3 Last of us, ps4 The division

  63. jeremiah markwell says:

    Ps1-god of war ps2- god of war 2 ps3-uncharted ps4-nba 2k14

  64. Matthew Wyers says:

    Ps1 FF7
    PS2 didn’t have one :(
    Ps3 Savage Moon
    PS4 The Division

  65. Christoffer Sivertsen says:

    Playstation: Final Fantasy
    Playstation 2: Battlefront 1 and 2
    Playstation 3: Beyond two souls
    Playstation 4: Killzone shadow fall
    Playstation Vita: Uncharted Golden abyus

  66. Benjamin Powell says:

    Any Little Big Planet (hope they haven’t been announced!).
    If the have then 100%, This Is Football on the PS2! It was the best football game of all time. You could dive with (I think) R2.

  67. tralane francis says:

    PlayStation : Final Fantasy
    Playstation 2 : Need For Speed Underground 2
    Playstation 3 : Black ops
    Playstation 4 : Cod Ghosts
    Playstation vita :TOUKIDEN: The Age of Demons

  68. Joseph Ward says:

    Playstation, Metal Gear Solid, PS2, Resident Evil 4, PS3, Resident Evil 5, PS4, Outlast

  69. Ibrahim Rajab says:

    PlayStation 1 : Final Fantasy
    Playstation 2 : Need For Speed Underground 2
    Playstation 3 : Grand Theft Auto 5 / Mw2
    Playstation 4 : Killzone Shadowfall / Cod Ghosts

  70. Lindsay Flores says:

    Uncharted 3 for the ps3

  71. Kyle Knapp says:

    Playstation 2 all of the kingdom hearts games. Still playin them now just can’t stop. One of those games ou never get tired of.

  72. I think my favourite games have to be the ones on PS3 that I play as cooperative like:
    – Resident Evil 5
    – Dead Island
    – (The Last Of Us is my fav single player)
    PS2 would have to be
    – Tom Clancy’s: Desert Storm 2
    – Crash Bandicoot 2
    – Lego Racers (Lego’s awesome..?)
    — Sorry, I couldn’t just choose one)

  73. Ty Morrill says:

    infamous 1 and 2 ps3

  74. Jeff Grivna says:

    Assassins Creed 1-4

  75. Shannon Hallman says:

    Medal of Honor: Airborne – PS3

  76. Cameron Odegaard says:

    I would probably say San Andreas for the PS2

  77. Rohit Lall says:

    ps3-last of us and gta 5 (cant choose out of those 2 games)

  78. Todd Heil says:

    PS3-The Last of Us

  79. Andrew Lacroix says:

    Shadow of the colossus for ps2 is probably still my favourite game of all time.

  80. Glenn Gordon says:

    PS2/3: All the Ratchet and Clank games. <3

  81. Brock Johnson says:

    I would say crash bandicoot was my favorite for PS1 as for PS2 I would say resident 4, amazing game and finally for PS3 I would defiantly have to say it would be the last of us. What an incredibly amazing game and story to play

  82. Simone Rinaldi says:

    Well, I played a lot of games since I had a PlayStation 1 (I still own it), but, in order, my favourite games are:

    – PlayStation 1: Metal Gear Solid (one of the best games ever made)
    – PlayStation 2: Resident Evil 4
    – PlayStation 3: The Last Of Us (Naughty Dog for president!)

    I’ve just bought a PlayStation 4 and the game I wait more (and I think it will be my favourite, or one of them) is “The Order 1886”: in my opinion, it will be a valid candidate for GOTY 2014!

  83. Alfonso Boxill says:

    ps1 : tomb raider
    ps2 : the whole DBZ budokai series, god of war 1 and 2
    ps3 : god of war 3, last of us, gta 5, gt6
    ps4 : killzone shadow fall, infamous second son
    ps vita : uncharted golden abyss, gravity rush, killzone memory
    psp (know u didn’t ask for this but) god of war Olympus and ghost of Sparta, final fantasy 7 crisis core

  84. Lew Donley 2 says:

    Resident Evil 1 a PS timeless classic
    And Resident Evil 2

  85. Nathan Matthews says:

    So many good games – hard to pick just one
    PS1 – Crash Bandicoot Games, Spyro, Legend of the Dragoons, etc.
    PS2 – Midnight Club 3: Dub edition, Twisted Metal Black, Rachet and Clank, Street vol 2, etc.
    PS3 – Borderlans 2, Far Cry 3, Mortal Kombat Complete, Twisted Metal, etc.
    PS4 – Killzone Shadow Fall, and hopefully Watch Dogs, Dying Light, Destiny, Second Son, Drive Club, the Division, etc.

  86. João Paulo says:

    PlayStation 1 – Resident Evil 2
    PlayStation 2 – Metal Gear Solid
    Playstation 3 – Black Ops / GTA 5
    PsVita – Uncharted

  87. Brock Quinney says:

    it would have to be gta san andreas ps2 ps u have a great wedsite and thanks to SIEFE for showing me this website

  88. mayan kanjee says:

    PlayStation 1 : tekken 3
    Playstation 2 : Need For Speed Underground 2
    Playstation 3 : Grand Theft Auto 5
    Playstation 4 : Killzone Shadowfall

  89. keelontay maze says:

    playstation 2 Dynasty Warriors 3 was a great game to me. im waiting for Fallout 4 to see how that is.

  90. Thomas Watson says:

    PlayStation — Test Drive 6
    PlayStation 2 — Final Fantasy X
    PlayStation 3 — Call Of Duty Black Ops
    PlayStation 4 — Tomb Raider
    PsVita — Mortal Kombat

  91. Bill Chalmers says:

    PS1 FF7 and Twisted Metal 2 and Metal Gear Solid
    PS2 GTA and dragon ball Z and Meta Gear solid 2
    PS3 Last of Us and BF3 and Metal Gear
    PS4 its BF4 for now then watch dogs, dynasty, the division, and final Metal Gear

  92. Josiah Calvert says:

    PS2: Kingdom Hearts
    PS3: Batman Arkham Series

  93. Yvonne Leger says:

    Resident Evil :)

  94. Jason Marquis says:

    I think I could sum up all systems with Mortal Kombat

  95. Joseph Horn says:

    playstation 4-Nba2k14

  96. enrique abreu says:

    Ps4 cod ghost
    PS3 last of us
    Ps2 kingdom hearts
    Ps1 final fantasy

  97. Mike Norris says:


  98. Ryan Reid says:

    ps3-farcry 3
    ps2-gta san andreas/spyro enter the dragonfly
    ps1-crash bandicoot warped

  99. Matt Johnson says:

    Ps1 would be FireBugs for the gameplay and soundtrack! Then for ps2 would be Timesplitters: Future Perfect, simple because it was just awesomely awesome

  100. Joe Abernethy says:

    PS1: Quake II
    PS2: Resident Evil 4
    PS3: The Last of Us

  101. Lee Sheppard says:

    I personally really liked the Mass Effect Trilogy. Thought they were excellent games with a decent shelf life. Would be amazing if they had something in the pipeline for the PS4! ;)

  102. Jayden McBride says:

    PS1 Resident Evil 2 PS2 GTA III PS3 Madden 25 PS4 NBA 2k14

  103. Knight25 says:

    Dukes of Hazzard… If this was built on using PS4 graphics, this would been extreme. Need to have a character control storyline, other then just driving the car.

  104. PS1 Crash bandicoot
    PS2 Grand theft auto san andreas
    PS3 Grand theft auto 5
    PS4 Call of duty ghost

  105. Jason Woolsey says:

    I have Breath Of Fire III for the PS1, and I am having fun playing it!! I have Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, and I am having fun with that one too!! I have Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PS4, but I don’t have a PS4 yet, I’m hoping to get one at the end of March!!
    I have Mod Nation Racers Road Trip for the PS Vita, but I don’t have a Vita yet!! I also have Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Set for the PS3!!

  106. Josh Barrera says:

    Ps1 Crash bandicoot
    Ps2 Ratchet and clank
    PS3 CODS and GTA5
    Ps4 2K14!!

  107. Dylan Nylander says:


  108. abdallah alsubhi says:

    never had a ps1
    ps2:metal gear solid 3
    ps3:the last of us
    ps4: bf4

  109. Andrew Otten says:

    Playstation 1 Sled Storm Playstation 2 Star Ocean Playstation 3 Bioshock Infinant Playstation 4 Drive Club PS Vita Tearaway

  110. blaize baty says:

    Ps1 Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories
    Ps2 Ratchet and Clank up your arsenal
    Ps3 Tony hawks Proving Ground

  111. marty monroe says:

    Ps1 sled storm
    Ps2 mx vs atv unleashed
    PS3 call of duty mw3

  112. Chava Duenas says:

    Grand Theft Auto V and GTA ONLINE from the PlayStation 3 because it simply was a unique and fun game to play with your friends or by yourself. It was the last game I bought before the ps4 launch. Hopefully, Rockstar will release it for the next-gen consoles. Good luck to everyone! :)

  113. Joshua Delgado says:

    Battle field 3 for ps3 XD and ps2 need for speed underground and ps1 was resident evil directors cut best games ever

  114. Aaron "Jake" Satlin says:

    Sly Cooper 4 thieves in time for the ps3

  115. Steven Brennan says:

    Ps2-dragonball z budokai it was the first game bought for me for Ps2, ps3-uncharted 2 definite favourite out of the series.

  116. Koy Torres says:

    Another Game That Has Not Been Announced Yet On Ps4 But Hoping For Is Guitar Hero

  117. Koy Torres says:

    My Fav Game is Kingdom Heart Just Because it was interesting for me to play

  118. Brody Crossman says:

    ps3- skyrim, fallout new vegas, assassins creed 3 and black flag

    ps4- going to be watch dogs or tom clancys the division

  119. I really love what u guys are doing my instagram is @thetruemars

  120. Will Trafas says:

    Mine is going to be watch dogs

  121. Terrell King says:

    Final Fantasy X on Playstation 2 has to be my most beloved game.

  122. Ps2 dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 , gta san andreas for the ps2 nd beyond 2 souls for the ps3 fantastic games im looking forward for watchdogs

  123. Mazahir Fazel says:

    I would have to say Assassins Creed Revelations on the PS3 was one of my fravourites , Why? you may ask. It was the first Assassins Creed game that i played and so much so i completed it atleast 6 times ! .

  124. Larin Lazar says:

    ps2: mx vs. atv

  125. Alex Bieber says:

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot, PS2: Jak 2, PS3: GTA 5, PS4: Killzone shadow fall

  126. kyle ladda says:

    PS1 (didn’t own) PS2 Spiderman 2, PS3 SKYRIM (or FALLOUT 3) PS4 (so far) AC4

  127. Pierre Williams says:

    Ps4- Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

  128. Kai Whitten says:

    PS3- Battlefield 3
    PS4- BF4 and I can’t wait for Tom Clancy’s: The division

  129. Bob Builder says:

    PS2 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    PS4 – Destiny

  130. bryan duvic says:

    I definatly would love to play last of us, beyond: two souls, and bioshock infinite on playstation 4. Those games were the best on playstation 3

  131. Jacob Trollston says:

    Ps1: Crash Bandicoot 2 Wrath of Cortex
    Ps2: Mafia
    Ps3: Beyond Two Souls
    Ps4: Watch Dogs

  132. Daniel Sawyer says:

    PS1- Vigilante 8- 2nd Offense
    PS2- GTA 3
    PS3- Modern Warfare 3
    PS4- Battlefield 4

  133. John Flucker says:

    PS2- Prince of Persia (warrior within)

  134. Pedram Shayan says:

    My favourite ps1 games are Crash. lucky luke and Hercules

  135. Gregory Shelly says:

    My favorite PS1 game is Red Asphalt.

  136. Patrick Jaeger says:


  137. Tyrese Murray says:

    My favorite PlayStation 1,2 games are Jack and daxter

  138. martin söderström says:

    Kingdom Hearts on the ps2, so fun!

  139. Paul Taipi says:

    For me, I would like to see most Definitely a God of War game on the PS4,it definitely is one of the best if not the best excusive title foor sony and its competitors

  140. Rob Grohowski says:

    My Fav games are

    Ps1:Crash Bandicout
    Ps2 Simpsons hit and run
    Ps4 Madden 25

  141. Hamed Khan says:

    Ps2 star wars
    Ps3 not owned :(

  142. Alejandro Vasquez says:

    Definitely Midnight Club 3 on the Ps2. The game was unstoppable and very addicted as well just like NFS.

  143. Jarod Cruz says:

    My favorite game easily is Star Wars battlefront 2. I had so many memorable memories.. Yes memorable memories from it and playing with cousins.

  144. Joshua Claffey says:

    Mine is defiantly gta San Andreas on ps2 ;)

  145. Mhingana Kanelombe says:

    i loved God of War Ascension for PS3, that game kept me up for hours on end.

  146. John Mclean says:

    my fav game is watch dogs ps4 love how u can hack every thing amazing

  147. Jesse Olasava says:

    Playstation 4 Watch Dogs, order 1886 cnt wait for them to release!!!! Favorite Ps2 games were grand theft auto san andreas, dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3, jak and daxter and fifa, Ps3 favorites were grand theft auto 5, last of us, beyond two souls!! What a great playstation childhood i had lol!!! (x

  148. Elias Duarte-Lopez says:

    Playstation 3- I was so addicted to Call Of Duty:Black Ops that I woke up at 4 A.M in the Morning just to Play!

  149. Ivan Blanco says:

    Easy ! Grand Theft Auto 5, please launch for PS4 !!

  150. Peter Zatorski says:

    My favourite game that has not been announced for the PS4 would be GTA 5

  151. José Cayama says:

    How can you make me decide in a lot of awesome games?!

    I must say I LOVED Spiderman on Playstation 1
    Manhunt 2 Was the best for PSP and PS2
    God of war has been One of the best for me Also, for PS1, PS2, PSP and of course PS3.

    Greetings From Venezuela!

  152. steven withers says:

    playstation 4 assassin Black Flag playstation 3 fallout 3 ps vita Hotline Miami


  154. sev sha says:

    My favourite taype of game all of the time is metal gear solid .
    Metal gear solid 1.

  155. John Santiago says:

    PS3: GTA: San Andreas. Greatest game I have ever played to date.

  156. stjepan borak says:

    well usually my favourite game is assassins creed 4 but if it isnt on PS4 it is definitly god of war 3 played it all the time

  157. Even Lyshaug says:

    Gran Turismo and Sly Cooper.

  158. Praimchand Harrilal says:

    My favourite games for PS3 and PS4 are:
    PS3: Grand Theft Auto V
    PS4 :Infamous: Second Son

  159. nick jalaghonia says:

    PS1 favorite – Crash Bandicoot was so much fun to play, especially Polar panic. PS2- Resident Evil 4 such a tremendous horror game. PS3-Red Dead Redemption, best western game ever made.

  160. Joseph Anderson says:

    Playstation 1: Final Fantasy 8
    Playstation 2: Kingdom Hearts
    Playstation 3: Heavy Rain
    Playstation 4: Knack

  161. Bosun Fagbemi says:

    rachet and clank



  163. Jeffery London says:

    My most beloved/favorite PS game of all time is Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation 1. This was the first game I ever played on PS. When I played it, that is when I fell in love with Playstation and i’ve been down with Playstation ever since. And the rest is history. I mean this game helped launch the playstation sales demographic, I played it as a kid and my Mom did also as an adult. It would be dope if they brought it to PS4 and did it right

  164. elton coleman says:

    I’ve never had a ps1 only 2, 3 but my favor ps2 was teen titan go and ps3 was god of war and ps4 which this game is not yet release is the order of 1896 something like that Thx.

  165. Edward Scragg says:

    PlayStation- Tomb raider 1
    PlayStation 2- Star wars: battlefront
    PlayStaation 3- The last of us
    PSVita- Do not have it

  166. Kaine Stiver says:

    Playstation 1 – Tombi 2,
    Playstation 2 – Ratchet and Clank 3: up your arsenal

  167. Matthew Curry says:

    PlayStation 1:Final Fantasy 9
    PlayStation 2:Metal Gear Solid 2
    PlayStation 3:Not owned.
    PlayStation 4:Kill Zone atm..

  168. Dillon Rees says:

    playstation 1. Spyro the dragon
    playstation 2. SSX Tricky
    playstation 3. nba 2013
    playstation 4 so far knack

  169. jordan matchett says:

    Ps2 battlefield 2 modern combat online only though

  170. Ole Martin Tangen Vad says:

    My favorite PlayStation game of all time is Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

  171. Marcin Maliszewski says:

    PS1 – Spyro & Crash Bandicoot
    PS2 – Did not own the system
    PS3 – Hard to choose one, so I am going to name a couple; Borderlands 1 & 2, Assassin’s Creed series, God of War series, The Last Of Us, Infamous 1 & 2. Those are some of the PS3 games which I have enjoyed.

  172. Mark Humphreys says:

    Ps1: gran turismo
    Ps2: cricket 2011 and gt3
    Ps3: fifa2014 and gt5 and 6
    Ps vita: never had

  173. Matthew Lawlor says:

    playstation- Spyro, I can remember sitting there for hours running around blowing fire, unfreezing dragons, and collecting gems and never getting bored.

  174. robert schutte says:

    PlayStation: Test Drive 6
    PlayStation 2: Final Fantasy X
    PlayStation 3: Call Of Duty Black Ops
    PlayStation 4: Tomb Raider
    PsVita: Mortal Kombat

  175. Daylon Hodgin says:

    Ps2 dragon quest 8
    Ps3 assassins creed 2, brotherhood, and 3
    And I want to play watch dogs

  176. matthew lynch says:

    Playstation 1 – crash bandicoot, playstation 2 – kingdom hearts, playstation 3 – dragonball z raging blast 2 i played long hours on all of them for 8 hours i dont have a vita for ps4 i am waiting for kingdom hearts 3 for the final part of the xehanort.

  177. imran butt says:

    playstation 1 game is crash bandertot
    playstation 2 game grand theft auto sanandrase
    playstation3 heavy rain
    playstation 4 watch dogs when in comes out
    ps vita fifa football

  178. I know they only ask for one favorite game spanning all the systems, but I will give my favorite for each system and then an overall pick.

    Playstation 1: Final Fantasy VII
    Playstation 2: Guitar Hero 3
    Playstation 3: Borderlands 2
    Playstation 4: Battlefield 4
    Playstation Vita: (Never owned)

    My overall pick would have to be Borderlands 2 for Playstation 3. That game had me addicted to it for the longest time, and I’m hoping and praying that they will make Borderlands 3 for Playstation 4.

  179. Kurtis814 Randall says:

    Playstation 2 – Kingdom Hearts. I got lost in the story of that game and before i knew it 3 hours had passed lol. Such a great game!!

  180. Calum Mitchell says:

    My favorite game was starwars battlefront for Ps2 cant wait till it comes out on PS4

  181. Chris Fleetwood says:

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – PS2

  182. Guy Kremer says:

    Playstation 1: Crash Bandicoot and Donald Duck Quack Attack
    Playstation 2: GTA San Andreas
    Playstation 3: Uncharted

    Ps4 WATCH_DOGS so far I think. Didn’t play it obviously but looks great!

  183. Julian Kitchens says:

    Hum let me see, as an old Ps gamer i’ve played my fair share of Ps games but here they are

    Ps1 – Legends of Dragoon
    Ps2 – Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
    Ps3 – Call of Duty Black ops 2 (Only because of all the friends i made online because of it.)
    Ps4 – It hasn’t come out yet but I’m REALLY looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 to be released on the ps4

    • ugh I so forgot about Kingdom Hearts i still need to get the HD remakes for my PS3 but kind of hoping they bundle them on a blu ray disc together or offer them as part of plus. Been waitiing on KH3 for years

  184. Valdas paulavcius says:

    Playstation 3: MINECRAFT!

  185. martin howe says:

    metal gear solids played them on all on ps1,ps2,ps3 my favorite would be metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty

  186. James Hewitt says:

    PS3 – the last of us
    Ps2 – tomb raider
    Don’t own a vita as of yet but will hopefully own one soon.

  187. Dusty James says:

    that’s a good question.

    PS – Tomba
    PS2 – Metal Gear Solid 3
    PS3 – Metal Gear Solid 4 & The Last of Us.
    I haven’t owned a PS Vita but I’m planning on getting one soon. Hopefully there’s more games coming out soon for it.
    PS4 – I’m looking forward to playing the two Metal Gear Solid V games.

  188. Morten Mørk-Larsen says:

    PS2 Spyros adventure :-) and crash bandicoot :D

  189. Justin Lively says:

    PS1 Resident Evil 2
    PS2 NFL 2K5
    PS3 NCAA Football 12! there are so many games on this system that I liked!
    PS4 Battlefield or NBA 2K14
    Never had the PSVita

  190. George Nicola says:

    Playstation 2 Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

  191. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    Also would love star wars battlefront 2 WITH DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Stelios St says:

    Playstation 2 – The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning!

  193. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    Gotta be Crash Bandicoot 1-CTr. Would love a remaster that maintains the gameplay and everything.

  194. Paul Ammentorp says:

    Never had a Playstation 1 :/
    Playstation 2: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    Playstaion 3: The Last of Us
    Playstation 4: So far, its Killzone Shadowfall, but I expect in the future that Watch_Dogs will be my favorite.
    Never had a PSVita

  195. Mark Clauser says:

    Playstation 1-Twisted Metal 4, played it then still play it now!

  196. PlayStation 1- Resident Evil 2, PlayStation 2- God of War, PlayStation 3- Last of Us, PS4 so far its BF4 even though its buggy as hell but getting better

  197. Saimonas Daracius says:

    Playstation 2 – Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 played it day and night