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This is the difference we saw on one generation. What does the PS4 have in store for us down the line?

This is the difference we saw on one generation. What does the PS4 have in store for us down the line?

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida had an interview with Inside Games where he gave his thoughts on what the what the future holds for the record breaking console.

In this day and age games are commonly judged by their visual standards, while the indie scene is getting bigger, big-budget titles are always criticised or praised on their graphics. Regardless of the varied opinions across the industry, graphics are expected to improve year by year through more powerful technology or better programming by developers as has been the case for decades. But of course it is ultimately the artists’ choice as to what they want their game to look and play like.

Yoshida explained that with games like The Last of Us and Uncharted, developers have come closer to conveying emotions similar to what you see in a movie or perceive by reading a book, mentioning that it’s called the “uncany valley phenomenon” technically, as even if the digital character resembles a human, there’s still a little difference that makes it feel strange.

He then continued by stating that the top developers are already getting close to the point in which you have trouble understanding what is real and what is digitally rendered. Just take a look at the graphical leap from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to Uncharted 3. All three games were made exclusively for PS3, what’s in store for us 10 years down the line on PS4?

This is the difference we saw on one generation. What does the PS4 have in store for us down the line?

Yoshida brought as an example the “Dark Sorcerer” tech demo presented by Quantic Dream at E3, in which it’s hard to distinguish whether it’s live action or digital. It was also successful in challenging comedy, which is one of the genres that rely on subtle nuances the most.

Simply stunning.

Simply stunning. And this is only the beginning of PS4.

He finally mentioned that while the performance of the hardware is there, it takes time for the software technology to catch up in order for developers to be able to truly reach their goals. But it’s important to realise that all this isn’t conceptual talk, take a look at the following featurette on the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 which contains small but visually striking gameplay clips. Be proud you invested in the next-generation of PlayStation, greatness awaits.

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  1. Lewis Smith says:

    Uncharted is my favourite ps game ever I have the first one drakes fortune the second one honour among thieves and the third drakes deception :) I love the way they play and the mechanics of the game I am really looking forward to see if they are making a fourth instalment of the series I still play them on my ps3 but I hope they make one so I can play it on my ps4 :)

  2. Craig Pearce says:

    The Japanese love the word “emotion”
    Remember the “Emotion Engine” on PS2 years ago. lol

  3. Shawn Hilaire says:

    I do not really know about this game but I am willing to try it out.