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PS Plus – November Lineup


The next collection of goodies coming to your PlayStation console this November is Indie-dominated across platforms; all of which (Vita, PS3, PS4) are provided with two Indie releases.

For the PS4, we are given The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – a remake of the original title, which involves a child (Isaac) who flees to the monster-filled basement beneath his home to escape his sacrifice and reach safety. Additionally, we have SteamWorld Dig, an action/adventure themed Platformer in which the player takes control of Rusty; a mining bot that aims to discover riches, and unwillingly the evil lurking beneath the earth.

Offered for all those with a PS3 is the strategy game Frozen Synapse Prime, and arcade shooter Luftrausers. FSP puts you in control of an entire strike team, in a modernised, turn-based form against an opposing strike team, whereas Luftrausers plunges you into a monumental battle consisting of fighter planes, battleships, and submarines!

Vita has been given The Hungry Horde and The Escape Plan this month, the first requiring the player to direct a group of zombies, increasing their ranks by prompting them to bite other humans, and the second a black and white puzzle game with gyroscopic controls.

Collectively, the lineup is bursting with exciting concepts, and judging from the games’ brief descriptions, they sound promising! Which game do you anticipate the most? Comment below, and perhaps comment your experiences following their release! Happy gaming, guys.


– The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

– SteamWorld Dig

maxresdefault steamworlddig_rusty_banner_big



– Frozen Synapse Prime

– Luftrausers

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Vita :

– The Hungry Horde

– The Escape Plan

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