Virtual reality has arrived to the Sony family with Playstation VR.

Virtual reality gaming could be here to stay.  Or history could repeat itself, and the "fad" could flop.  However, this time around, the former seems be the more likely scenario. Big companies like HTC and Facebook have announced their own VR headsets, and not to be outdone, on October 13, 2016, Sony released their own VR headset called PlayStation VR.


PlayStation VR is easy to use and has a growing library of games.

With an industry leading design, the PlayStation VR headset promises to take gamers in a new direction. Explore endless virtual worlds and experience gaming in a whole new way.

Plug and play.  It's that simple. Plug in your PlayStation VR and your PlayStation camera into the console, and you're done!

With a growing library of games, there are already 80+ PS4 games that are compatible with PlayStation VR.  The future is bright and the technology for gaming will continue to advance.  Virtual reality gaming could very well become the next big thing.

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