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June 20, 2014
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My Wishlist For Watch Dogs 2.0

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‘Watch Dogs’ has almost been on sale for a month, and it’s been a good one for Ubisoft.  In its first week, Watch Dogs became the fastest-selling new IP on record for Ubisoft.  With this in mind, a Watch Dogs sequel is inevitable.  So here’s what I would like to see in Watch Dogs 2.0 (that’s what they should actually name it):

1) A new protagonist – let’s be honest here: who actually likes Aiden Pearce?  I, for one, don’t.  Whilst I can empathise with him and the situation he is in, the actual character of Pearce isn’t memorable or likeable.  His rough voice translates directly into his personality, and it doesn’t pay off.  I understand that Ubisoft were going for a mysterious, gritty lead, but the end result just doesn’t work for me and a considerable amount of other gamers out there.  Also, the script didn’t exactly work wonders for Pearce’s character.  Furthermore, I believe Pearce’s story has run its course.  This is why a new protagonist is necessary.

Ah, Aiden... where did it all go wrong?

Ah, Aiden… where did it all go wrong?

2) A new setting – this one is a no-brainer.  A game studio as creative as Ubisoft could not get away with recycling Chicago for the next game and, therefore, must find a new location for Watch Dogs 2.0.  Where this new setting would be depends on the mechanics being introduced and/or taken away, and where Ubisoft wants to push this franchise in terms of tone, time period and story.  For example, Ubi need to decide whether Aiden’s story and character should carry over in some way (it shouldn’t); whether it be as a more minor part or the main character.  Also, if Ubisoft want the free-running to become a bigger part of the Watch Dogs games, they will need to base the sequel in a city that will allow players more opportunities when it comes to climbing.  Having said that, why not numerous cities, rather than just one?

3) More hacking options – this isn’t to say that there were too few hacking options in Watch Dogs, but Ubisoft have shown us that they are very creative in the past.  Therefore, gamers expect variety throughout a Ubisoft game series.  This creativity needs to be put into the hacking side of things.  After all, if you take away hacking, where would Watch Dogs be?  For example, all modern cars use computers in some way to control them.  Why not afford the player the opportunity of hacking into cars?

4) Friend vs. Friend hacking – this isn’t a necessity that means the difference between Watch Dogs 2 becoming a masterpiece, but it would nice.  After all, the game grants the online gamer a lot of opportunities to be competitive amongst friends (e.g. online races and decryption mode), so why not with hacking too?  To be honest, I feel it should have been in Watch Dogs from the start and Ubisoft would be wise to bring it in via a free patch.

"Everything is connected"... except your friends

“Everything is connected”… except your friends

5) A consistent tone – my main problem with Watch Dogs (aside from it being too easy) is that it isn’t sure what it wants its tone to consist of.  An example I gave in my review was that there was sad music playing in the background, yet I was still able to hack into an electronic sign above a busy main road to make it read, “I can cheezburger?”  This, as well as other occurrences, made me feel that even Watch Dogs itself was unsure of what it wanted to be and what it wanted gamers to feel when they played it.  However, this problem can be easily rectified in Watch Dogs 2.0.

These are the five, main points that I feel Ubisoft  should implement into Watch Dogs 2 if they want it to improve on the original.

But what about you?  Think I’ve missed something out?  Post your ideas in the comments below, or Tweet me (a link to my Twitter can also be found down below).


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  1. Matthew Wyers says:

    Sadly I can’t deny a lot of what you request. I haven’t finished the game yet. I assume there isn’t really a closure or a story arch that doesn’t have them turning into less of a dick? If I’m wrong then maybe have him just be a teacher or something to a more likable guy like Vault Boy. I would have liked the outfits to have had attributes as well.

  2. rasta locks says:

    He should also have the ability to duck down on any situation I mean you can’t even Duckdown