April 3, 2014
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April 9, 2014
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Why Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Will Be Amazing

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Since its reveal earlier this year, ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ hasn’t received the attention and coverage that I expected it to and felt that it deserved, both in the media and amongst gamers.  Personally, I can’t see why… although I am a huge ‘The Lord of the Rings’/’The Hobbit’ fan, so maybe I’m being bias.  Either way, here are my top 5 reasons as to why this game will be absolutely fantastic, and should be on your pre-order list:

  1. The ‘Nemesis’ system – this frankly mind-blowing system records past encounters with enemies so that, when you and that enemy meet again later in the game (assuming you let him live or he escaped), he will remember you and might have retained an injury you caused him.  This adds a completely, never-before-seen layer of realism to this game, that no other game can currently rival.
  2. It’s NOT an MMO – personally, I was getting sick and tired of constantly seeing the same, churned-out MMOs set in Middle-Earth.  I’ve never been a fan of MMOs, so I’ve always seen these MMOs overusing the Tolkien universe to make a quick buck.  The reason I hate MMOs was the original reason why I initially ignored Shadow of Mordor, and the same reason I was relieved when I realised it wasn’t.
  3. An open-world Mordor – this isn’t just an open-world Mordor, but it also allows Tolkien fans and gamers to experience a Mordor before it was invaded and taken over by Sauron and his dark forces.  This, in turn, will allow us to witness the changes in Mordor over the course of the game, whether it be the loss of greenery on the sides of Mount Doom, or the construction of Barad-Durr (the tower in which the Eye of Sauron resides at the top).
  4. The time – Shadow of Mordor is not just set within an unspecified and unimportant time within the Tolkien universe; it is set between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  Therefore, this will provide fans of the books and films an opportunity to see into the previously unseen gap between the two stories.  Furthermore, this uncharted time zone means that even the most Tolkien-mad people out there will not know the outcome of this story.
  5. The wraith powers – it has been revealed by the developer of the SoM, Monolith Games, that the character you play as, a Ranger named Talion, is found by the player as a keeper of the Black Gate at the beginning of the game.  Talion’s life is ripped apart, however, when Sauron and his army returns to claim the Black Gate and Mordor as their own once again, and him and his family are brutally murdered.  Despite this, a Wraith enters his body and revives him, whilst also giving him a wide selection of new and dangerous powers.  This allows the player options once they have defeated their enemies.  They can either: terrorise them (i.e. scare them and spread your notoriety among the troops of Mordor), sacrifice them (i.e. kill them for your benefit), send them on an assassination mission amongst their Orc brethren, or force them to spy on their peers and masters.  These options mean that each gamer will experience an entirely different and unique game to that of their friends… possibly even more so than a dedicated RPG such as ‘Skyrim’ or TellTale’s ‘The Walking Dead’.
If Shadow of Mordor isn't on your pre-order list, it needs to be

If Shadow of Mordor isn’t on your pre-order list, it needs to be

These five facts are barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  The potential, possibilities, and reasons for replayability are endless, and that is why this game should find itself at the top of your most anticipated and pre-order list; whether you are an avid gamer, a Tolkien or an RPG fan.

What do you feel about Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor?  Had you heard of it before this article?  Please let us know in the comments down below.

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