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Why I’m Loving Destiny So Far


A limited amount of reviews on Bungie’s latest blockbuster title have surfaced, but many have been scathed with ambiguity. I picked up my copy of the game not having seen any reviews or scores, but now I’ve seen the general critical response to the game. Destiny’s Alpha beta went down extremely well with fans, with even the biggest of gaming site’s praising the experience it offered. Which then makes me beg the question, why has the critical response to the finished game been so unexpectedly low? Even a fairly mediocre title such as Killzone: Shadow Fall received more critical acclaim than Destiny which to me is extremely unjust. It’s certainly everything I hoped it would be having played the Alpha build and here’s why…

Hundreds of thousands queued outside stores worldwide to pick up their copy of Destiny, and with good reason.

Hundreds of thousands queued outside stores worldwide to pick up their copy of Destiny.

While Destiny’s story isn’t going to rival that of The Last of Us, it is an engaging sci-fi plot that is full of intrigue and leaves many doors open for Bungie to expand on the game, which of course they are going to do. This is a fundamental part of the game, it will grow in size month by month with new locations, strikes, raids and more becoming available over time. Just this week Bungie announced it’s first schedule of new events in the game to keep players busy.


This is one of the main reasons why I can’t understand how reviewers have formed a definitive verdict having only spent a matter of days with the game when considering that Destiny was available to critics and the public on the same day, September 9. A part of me thinks that it was a bitter response because of the fact that reviewers didn’t really get a chance to delve deep into the game before the general public. Either way, Bungie knows how to get players excited by putting a Hollywood-esque opening cut-scene to welcome you to the game.

Destiny’s upgrade system is incredibly easy to understand and it makes every player instantly advance their player as a result of their in game accomplishments. Whether you’re playing PvP or PvE, you’re always rewarded for your efforts which puts that higher level item closer to your grasp each time you play. The ability to instantly compare your gear side by side allows for quick and efficient changes even in the most time constricted situations. The 3D models of weapons and gear showcase the immaculate level of detail in each and every item, the level you would expect from the very best RPG’s even though Destiny is not solely one.


Destiny is a beautiful game, the style of the game isn’t aiming for anything photo-realistic but it’s rich textures, colour and locations make it very easy on the eye especially on current-gen consoles. One can’t help but be in awe when playing a story or PvP level on Mercury with the blazing sun nearly taking up the whole sky, or looking at the traveller from the Tower.


The soundtrack by Marty O’Donnell gets my pumped every time I load the game, right from the menu you are greeted with an uplifting and simply epic theme that gets you ready to enter the world of Destiny. Music is an integral part of many of the great games and Marty O’Donnell has expertly composed a fine soundtrack to compliment the tone of Destiny.

PvP in Destiny is an addictive feature, and without a doubt the core of it is the 6v6 and 3v3 modes. By having relatively small teams in matches, it adds a stronger sense of team work and space for creativity to all the players. These matches allows for players to either move in batches to take over zones quicker or to move individually to craft their own way through the unique maps. No matter how you play, the game rewards for your style and every player gets to use their supercharge ability at least once in each match. The supercharge ability can be a game changing moment, but one that players must make full use of as it only comes around once every five or so minutes and can be lethal if utilised properly. Nothing beats the feeling of wiping out several players with one supercharge and watching your enemies disintegrate right before you.




Like millions around the world I’ve had less than a week to play Destiny, but it’s brought a breath of fresh air to current-gen platforms by finally delivering an ambitious and deep game for players to put their treasured hours of gaming into. It’s definitely kicked off the season of great games coming for the rest of this year and 2015. Despite the scepticism that’s floating around the web, I’m confident that those who are enjoying Destiny now, won’t be leaving any time soon and they like me will want to experience everything Bungie throws at us in this fantastic game.


-Senior Editor