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Jack Tretton, the chief executive officer at Sony Computer Entertainment has spoken quite a lot recently about the graphical difference between the PS3 and the PS4. In an interview with Forbes on Thursday he was asked if he had any worries about the lack of “obvious, dramatic difference” between the current and next gen PlayStation consoles when compared to the previous generational jumps.

Jack replied by disagreeing,  he believed that the visual differences are more distinct especially if you compare the PS3 and PS4 versions of the same game “side by side.” The chief executive officer went on to declare that the next-generation system is “ten times more powerful” than the current-generation console. For example, the crowd in a sports game may feature static clones on the PS3 while the audience will be more diverse and animated on the PS4.

“Well to me it’s more distinct. I thought PlayStation 1 was state of the art, and PlayStation 2 was state of the art, and PlayStation 3 was absolutely state of the art. But when you look at it in comparison to the next generation and you actually look at them side by side, you forget the differences. The fact of the matter is the PlayStation 4 is ten times more powerful than the PlayStation 3, and I think that’s readily apparent if you look at the two systems side by side… if you look at a sports game [on PS3] and you look at the crowd, it’s kind of static and the same guy wearing the same blue shirt comes up in every section in the same spot. But [on the PS4] not only are the people in the crowd all different, but they have different animation every time you’re looking at them… you really get an appreciation of the difference when you play the games. And I think it’s a distinct difference, if not greater, than any of our previous generations.”

Jack Tretton (left) accompanied by Andrew House for the PS4 launch event in NYC

Jack Tretton (left) accompanied by Andrew House for the PS4 launch event in NYC

He also went on to talk about the pricing for the PS4, stating that the PS4 is “not that far off the current generation of hardware” with the price tag of $399.

“I think the other big factor is that it’s only $399.00. When you were paying $599 for a PlayStation 3 at launch, that was a big step up financially. With [the PS4] at $399, it’s not that far off the current generation of hardware, in terms of a financial investment.”

“NBA 2K14” is one of several titles that were released for the PS3 and PS4. The basketball simulation video game showcases the graphical differences between the two consoles with the next-generation version featuring vastly superior visuals.

The point Tretton makes is clearly a viable one, with titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 showcasing the higher fidelity that comes with native 1080p and 60fps it’s definitely cause for excitement for what we will see further down the line. But what do you think? Do you think that the different between PS3 and PS4 is satisfactory? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Dillon Rees says:

    yes i agree the ps4 has way better graphics then the ps3 also the ps4 controller fits your hands way better then the ps3 controller

  2. thomas price says:

    hands down ps4 is better