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November 8, 2013
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Jack Tretton: 3 key advantages the PS4 has over xbox one

Jack Tretton on stage with PlayStation logo behind him

Speaking to Fox News, SCEE CEO Jack Tretton was pressed on talking about the launch of the PS4 and why it’s Sony’s ‘biggest launch in it’s history’.

It’s everything we can manufacture, we want to make sure that consumers have an opportunity to buy one on November 15th and through the holidays, so we’re holding back some inventory to make sure that people have an opportunity to buy one that comes in on launch day – but we can pre-sell every unit we can manufacture. And the good news is that the production yields have been phenomenal, so this will be, by a magnitude of a lot, the biggest launch we’ve ever had.”

Jack Tretton on stage with PlayStation logo behind him

Jack Tretton: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO

When Tretton was pressed on talking about the Xbox One, he replied by outlining three advantages the PS4 has over it’s rival.

Three key advantages, we’ve got the most powerful console on the market, $100 cheaper than our competition and, most importantly, the biggest most diverse exclusive lineup of any platform ever launched. And that’s what’s really going to drive the sales for us in the long term.”

Further on in the interview:

We stay laser focused on the consumer: What does the gamer want? What does the development community want? How do we give them the palette to make the best gaming experience possible? And we’ve seen competitors come and go, we’ve had formidable competition in the past, we’ll have formidable competition going forward. You get laser focused on your business vision and you execute what the gamers want.”


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  1. Peter Hudd says:

    PlayStation 4 is going to be brilliant.
    I remember the day I bought my PlayStation 1 in 2001 (being I am only 15 as of now) only to in 2003 get my PlayStation 2.
    Sadly I decided to skip the PlayStation 3 and go to Xbox 360, but am 100% ready to jump straight back onto the PS Bandwagon and get straight back to decent gaming.
    Sony PlayStation FTW! :)

  2. Gareth Moore says:

    @ pheonix…he does not state on launch day

  3. ian almeida says:

    tasty !

  4. TOM J says:

    I agree with everything but one thing.

    “”the biggest most diverse exclusive lineup of any platform ever launched.””

    Thats bull cause 2 of the biggest games that were expected to be at the lineup have been delayed.

  5. Michael Wise says:

    As long as Sony can stick with that attitude towards consumers and indie developers then I can see them do fairly well in the coming years.

  6. Shawn Hilaire says:

    Sony cares

  7. brandon fortman says:


  8. Alex Villalobos says:

    Jack Tretton is a boss! Ps4 is the best but sadly people at my skill still think the xbox1 is better but it is not because they dont know the TRUTH!