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HD Remakes: good, bad, or ugly?


Disclaimer: This article contains my personal thoughts and feeling regarding HD remakes and collections.  You are not being forced to agree with me (hopefully you already do).  I hope you enjoy the article.

HD remakes have seen a sudden boom in popularity and availability in the last year or so, with many publishers and developers now suddenly feeling the urge to see their previous hits being remade/renewed and updated in high-definition. This not only provides gamers with nostalgic waves, but also the the ability to play old games on their current consoles.  However, HD remakes are seeing more negativity surround them as they become more commonplace among game store shelves.

The first, notable HD remake (i.e. HD remakes existed before this) is ‘Bully’, published and developed by Rockstar Games, which first appeared on the PS2 on 17th October, 2006, in North America.  It was remade under the name, ‘Bully: Scholarship Edition’, and was released for the Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Wii on 4th March, 2008, for the Xbox 360 and PC in the USA.  Soon after, HD remakes began to pick up serious steam as more and more developers and publishers jumped atop the speeding bandwagon.  At first, gamers loved the sudden wave of classic games that they had grown up playing; except now they could play them with their new controller and stuff!  Excitement!  And then, things went over-the-top, and gamers began to feel cheated and exploited by simple re-releases of games with barely any changes (some not even noticeable).  Of course, some slipped past gamers’ accusing comments here and there, including ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ and ‘Goldeneye 007’ (which, by the way, has had two HD remakes. Two!).  Whilst some weren’t exactly welcomed back to the gaming industry with open arms, they certainly got off lightly compared to others.

'Goldeneye 007' has been officially remade twice.

‘Goldeneye 007’ has been officially remade twice.

Mainly, gamers complained that the makers were lazy, and simply bringing back old games that got a rating over 8 on Metacritic because they couldn’t be asked to work on a new game.  For the most part, to be fair, this was the truth… or at least seemed to be.  However, some games were revived in HD, not just because they were considered classics, but because they were used to build up excitement for a new installment and bring new players up-to-date on the series.  A recent and high-profile example of this is the HD remake and collection of the first three ‘Devil May Cry’ games, which was released 9 months before ‘DMC’.

Now, there are rumours of a possible ‘Mass Effect’ and ‘Uncharted’ trilogy HD remake on the PS4 and Xbox One, which has many gamers up-in-arms about, with the majority of them saying that game companies “should be working hard on new games, not taking it easy with old ones” (this quote extract taken from a Facebook comment).  Personally, I agree with them.  I believe that HD remakes should only exist if the original game (or games) were an instant hit in the gaming communities.  I also think that games should only be remade after a gaming generation or two has passed by, and not after one (or less than one, in some cases).  This is why I am against such rumours and hope that they are completely false.  I believe that EA and Naughty Dog (the people behind the two previous games mentioned, respectively) are better than this, and are the ones who buck trends in the gaming world.  They should not follow the latest craze, and instead work on their next triple-A (and sure to be amazing) title.  Thankfully, I feel that it is unlikely that Naughty Dog would be working on an HD remake with their next huge game, ‘Uncharted’, having been revealed and still under development for the PS4 solely, working towards a 2015 release date.  I can’t say the same for EA yet, unfortunately.

Is a Mass Effect HD remake around the corner?

Is a Mass Effect HD remake around the corner?


What do you think? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Matthew Wyers says:

    I played RE4 on GC. My dad hated the fact that I had to finish killing some guy before I could move onto the next room. as for remakes…..I would love to see another FF game do better than FF7 so that I can play Cloud with Advent Children graphics. Also Fallout 1 & 2 with Unreal 4 engine but still from the FO view point and allow for PTZ camera and FOT Tactics game play option.

  2. ed davies says:

    Did anyone play resident evil on gamecube, that was a good hd remake well it was more like a new game with different story line twists but the mainframe of the game was the same but that game was well made.

  3. Gary Lysaght says:

    I don’t mind HD remakes, especially if its a game I never played before. Series such as Metal Gear Solid and Devil may Cry are series that I never played because of being too young to be allowed to play them, this gives me and other gamers in the same boat an opportunity to play a great series, in HD and with trophies.

    I don’t think that developers are being ‘lazy’ when releasing a HD remake because it generally co-insides with a major release from them. The God of War HD remake was developed alongside GoW3 and bundled into the special edition. Also, the DmC collection would have been released to get people excited about the series reboot which came early the next year.