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GT SPORT playstation vr

Release Date: TBD
Genre: Racing/ Simulation
Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Polyphony Digital



The thrill of motorsport has been rediscovered in virtual reality as PlayStation brings the Real Driving Simulator to PlayStation VR. Polyphony Digital and the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) have combined forces to deliver a finely tuned and playable game for all levels of racers to enjoy.

Included are two online championships - a Nations Cup where racers drive for country and the Manufacturers Cup where car makers battle it out for leader board supremacy.

Featuring real cars and the world's best road vehicles, every vehicle is recreated digitally to the last detail. Everything from the tread on the tires to the seams on the seats has been designed perfectly to leave drivers with a feeling of the passion that drove the cars creators. 140 vehicles in all, including production and competition models to give a variety that speaks to all walks of driving enthusiasts.

Just as in GT6, included is a selection of fantasy cars designed by leading auto makers specifically for the virtual world. Current Vision Gran Turismo cars include Volkswagen, Bugatti and Peugeot while many new additions are being added.

Due to the popularity of the racetracks such as Laguna Seca or the Nurburgring from previous Gran Turismo titles, there are a number of brand new tracks being designed for Gran Turismo Sport. Racing down the famous "Tokyo Expressway" or around the "Northern Isle Speedway" will be as exciting as doing it in real life. Totaling 27 layouts on 19 tracks, GT Sport will make globetrotters out of its racing drivers.

The driving mechanics are extremely realistic and the increased depth of control that VR brings will make it virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Racing fundamentals are learned from step one through the games license modes, which are valuable for racing game novices.

The FIA Gran Turismo Championships allow drivers to test their skills under the pressures of winning for country or representing the name of a favorite auto manufacturer. These two championships are officially certified by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. You'll require more than skill if you want to be the best. Both series champions will receive recognition at the FIA prize ceremony along with real world champions in Motorsport.

Take your racing global as you travel the world driving in your favorite vehicles in some of the worlds most scenic locations. 'Scapes' is the Gran Turismo photo mode evolved. Players are able to take live photos of their cars in locations around the world. A wide range of post processing and camera controls allows players to become automotive photographers through 'Scapes'.

Gran Turismo Sport promises to shatter the mold of what a racing game can be and we at PS4fans.net cannot wait!

Source: playstation.com

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