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September 14, 2014
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Grand Theft Auto V – New PS4 Trailer

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Now that’s what I call a remaster!  That was my first thought after watching the initial reveal trailer of GTA V on PS4 from E3 earlier this year.  Even longer render distances, more shading, actual fur on animals (no more flat textures), improved particle and lighting effects, and denser pedestrians and traffic.

Yes, it was only released a year ago, but unlike The Last Of Us, it’s main attraction isn’t its story, but its incredible online modes.  Therefore, GTA V’s replay factor is always going to be there.  So why wouldn’t you want to own arguably one of the best open-world games ever made on your shiny, relatively new console?

This question has been posed yet again by the newly-released trailer for the game, which features more of the game’s stunning vistas and surprisingly improved NPC character models.  Thanks, Rockstar… we definitely weren’t already desperate to get our grubby mitts all over it.  However, Rockstar have informed us of the release date for the game: 18th November (this year, obviously).

If you weren’t already considering pre-ordering this truly genre-defining game, here are some comparison pictures (last-gen vs current gen) to feast your eyes upon (there aren’t any prizes for guessing which ones are from which console generation):

gta v graphics1

gta v graphics2

gta v graphics3

If you are yet to see the new trailer, do not fear, the trailer can be found right here (you’re welcome in advance):

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Jamie Richards
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