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Dualshock 4 light bar colors

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A lot of people may already know, but we have been receiving a lot of questions about what the different colors signify on the Dualshock 4 light bar. The light bar on the controller is used for a variety of things, such as to identify the player in the game. Player one is blue, player two is red, player three is green, and player four is pink. It is also there so the PS Camera can identify where the controller is and where the user is.

dualshock 4 colors

Developers can also use the light bar function to add features in game.  For example, the light bar can represent your health meter in games such as in Killzone Shadow Fall.   In this game, the light bar evolves into another color as the action heats up and the player takes damage, signifying that things are awry.

In a recent blog post, Senior Sony Vice President Scott Rohde talked about the affect the light bar might have on a player while immersed in their game:

A lot of gamers, myself included, like to play in some dimly lit rooms. And when you’re playing a game and the whole area around you changes color slightly based on what that light bar is doing, it’s not something you’re staring at and your expecting, but it changes your mood and it changes the way you feel when, whatever it is, when you fire a button, when you step into an area where you are in a cold blue area – think about Journey. You’re in a cold blue area, and then you move into more of an orangey earth tone – a warm area. And that controller is coming with you.

When the whole room around you is sort of suddenly changing from the blues and greens into the oranges and yellows, you might not really even know what’s happening, but your whole sense of immersion is definitely greater. It’s a really good thing. I get really excited about that color bar.

Having these different colors might not mean much to the average gamer, or could serve as a distraction, but again, it’s the little things that count.  To some, this could be a nice little feature coming from Sony.

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  1. Ryan Schmidt says:

    IMO MU blows. I tried it last night and hated it. I wish Pandora worked for the ps4 and please bring back media sharing!!!

  2. Craig Pearce says:

    Killzone Shadow Fall uses it for a Health indicator but i rarely notice it because I don’t look at the controller much when i’m playing games.
    Has anyone used Music Unlimited? If so how do you shut it off? The PS button only has a Pause option. I didn’t see any Off or Close option.