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March 5, 2014
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We have reason to believe that the somewhat forgotten PS4 exclusive racer DriveClub will be releasing on April 9th. Why? Because a PlayStation Nation user who goes by the fitting name of ‘100mph’ posted a screengrab of the supposed tweet, which was subsequently removed. However it’s become a recurring topic of release dates being ‘leaked’, is this the new technique being employed by studios to build anticipation before the ‘official’ announcement? Who knows, but either way this was put out by the studio, and it can’t be ignored.


The date reads 9.4.14 which is almost definitely April 9th and not September 4th due to the fact that Evolution Studios is a UK-based developer. It’s been a while since the last real piece of official news on the game from the studio but a Spring release date was promised when the delay was announced back in November. Sony responded to the queries on the release of the game with this statement,

“”The team at Evolution Studios are working hard to bring DriveClub, a truly next gen driving experience to PS4 and we will announce the release date shortly. We’re really excited about how DriveClub is progressing and thank you for your patience.””

Evolution Studios hopes to offer 'team based racing' through DriveClub, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Evolution Studios hopes to offer ‘team based racing’ through DriveClub, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Remember, if you’re a PS+ member then DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will be coming free to your instant game collection!


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  1. Matthew Wyers says:

    Gamestop employee told me since the developer has released the info toward their complete overhaul on the game and to start over from day one. this info is false. I hope its not. I really really really! want a driving sim. Current I would want a partial game that over time had many updates and added features such as the PS-VR headset. At least of done a Prologue or Open Beta type tying and get user feed back.

  2. Craig Pearce says:

    Looks like Driveclub will be delayed again. “Sony’s Gone ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ to Make Driveclub ‘Great’”
    Possibly to add support for the PS4 VR Headset? Might as well delay if that’s the case. If the VR Headset is $200 or more Sony will need an amazing game that supports it.

    • Matthew Wyers says:

      They could always add the headset with a Game of the Year edition with DLC rather than delay it furthermore. I for one really want it to just come out to have a Racing Sim to play now and then I could give them feedback on how I would like the development process to continue.

  3. Craig Pearce says:

    I posted this 2 days ago.