February 18, 2014
This is the difference we saw on one generation. What does the PS4 have in store for us down the line?
February 21, 2014
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Disc vs Digital

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With the next-generation of consoles having been released just a few months ago, the digital golden age of gaming has never been closer.  The PS4 enables you to download the multiplayer aspect of a game first, with the single-player mode downloading as you play online, and vice versa.  This shows how focused Sony are with giving players the best possible digital gaming experience around.  There are even rumours that Xbox plan to release a disc-less Xbox One!  My view on it all?  Well…

I grew up playing games on the PSOne and the PS2, including Spyro and Splinter Cell.  Disc games.  Now, I am in no way saying digital downloads are not good (or even great) ways of gaming.  However, I am saying that it is not traditional.  This is why I feel that it is a shame that companies are beginning to put a lot more emphasis on digital gaming, with most disc games having a digital counterpart and there are still digital exclusives, found only on the PlayStation Store (the most recent example of this being ‘Outlast’ for the PS4).

Outlast is a fantastic digital game for the PS4.

Outlast is a fantastic digital game for the PS4.

Why do you hate digital games, I hear you ask?  I don’t hate digital games, not at all.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to capitalise on the great offers found with PS+.  It’s just that they have their problems, including long installation times (depending on the game’s file size).  In addition to this, when you purchase a digital version of a game, you don’t actually own it; you simply own a copy of an original version of the game.  This means that Sony are able prevent you from playing a game that you have just bought.  Of course, this is extremely unlikely, but the possibility is always there, a possibility not found with disc-based games.  Also, with digital games, you cannot sell or trade it in for another game, it remains locked on to your console and online account.

Since I first seriously got into gaming on my PS2, I have taken great pleasure in playing, completing or getting bored of a game, and either selling it, trading it, or lending it to a friend.  It was not only the chance to play a new game or make a bit of money that excited me, but it was also the social aspect.  It was a way of making new friends and sharing common interests.  Digitalised games threaten this tradition, and this worries me.  If my children (if I ever have any) grow up to be like me, I want them to have the same gaming experiences as me.  Unfortunately, at some point in the (hopefully) distant future, this will change and everything will become downloadable.  This is because it is simpler and cheaper, rather than packaging and distributing a disc-based game.

Disclaimer: This is my own, personal opinion.  You don’t have to agree with me.  I hope you enjoyed the article.

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Jamie Richards
Jamie Richards
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  1. feel free to add me wolverinemarky, I agree with you on wanting physical copies over digital however for different reasons i have been more of a collector over my gaming life where i very rarely sold a game back or traded one but i like looking on the shelf and seeing the games. with that being said since PS4 came out i have went pure digital i dont even own a physical copy of any ps4 games i like the switch feature and not having to get up but i do miss my discs some. and i think that the price for digital games should be as cheap as $10 off physical copy price if they really want digital to take off. the future is coming unfortunately and with internet caps it sucks bad now if we all have super fast connections it wouldnt be that bad

  2. Shawn Hilaire says:

    Add me Cash_Money_Only4

  3. Craig Pearce says:

    Digital copies should be $5 less than retail since you can never resell them.
    25GB’s is the cut-off line for me. Any game over 25 GB’s I would buy the disc version. My monthly download cap is 125 GB’s so that’s the main issue with all digital.