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deep down warrior vs dragon

Capcom’s Deep Down was one of the first games to be shown back in February at the PS4 reveal, and since then there hasn’t really been much to say about the game other than it has damn good visuals. From what we’ve seen the game look like a cross between Dark Souls and Skyrim and utilises a new engine.

The Panta Rhie Engine focuses on the fluidity of liquid and fire to generate a more realistic experience. Panta Rhie features two types of “flow”: one is more fluid that results in a fuller, curling flame; while the other is more gaseous and not as thick, like flame from a propane tank. The gameplay videos that have been released feature both a dragon and what appears to be some sort of water sprite or demon, showing that Capcom is fully taking advantage of the new engine. Capcom will release a gameplay demo later this month and hopefully then we will be able to see the game in it’s current build.

deep down warrior vs dragon


Capcom described Deep Down as an “online multi-player RPG”, though it is unclear whether it will be an MMO or closer to the “seamless matchmaking” games advertised for next gen consoles such as Watch Dogs and Destiny. It has also been described as a “memory reading RPG”, leading many to believe it will share some similar plot points with the Assassin’s Creed series, which is told through the memories of the ancestors of the main characters. Capcom has in fact confirmed that Deep Down will take place in New York in 2094 and most of the action will take place in memories set in the mid-evil time period.

Deep Down character throwing torch to another character in cave


Deep Down definitely has an exciting premise but only time will tell if Capcom’s new engine and their mysterious story will do justice to the next generation of PlayStation. Some comparisons have been made between the game and Xbox One’s Ryse:Son of Rome. Fortunately for Sony, it looks like they came out on the better side of that debate, Deep Down definitely seems to have more potential than the straightforward hack and slash that is Ryse.

On paper there isn’t enough to really make Deep Down a stand out PS4 title however it’s advanced new engine and beautiful graphics might be enough to grab the interest of both the PS4 gamers, and gamers who are still on the edge about whether to choose Xbox One or PS4.


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  1. Justin Abel says:

    This game looks slick haven’t been a fan of either games but will def give this one a try.