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Should Sony Pay Up To Make Crash Bandicoot Theirs Once Again?

Crash Bandicoot

crash bandicoot

It’s hard to imagine now, but back in the 90’s Crash Bandicoot was kind of the unofficial mascot for the original Sony Playstation. He would star in three platform adventure games and even a tremendous kart racer as well. All of which were Playstation exclusives, but as we moved into the era of the Playstation 2, Crash no longer was waving the Playstation flag and he would appear on every gaming console under the sun.

There has been speculation the last couple of weeks that Sony very well may be getting Crash Bandicoot back as an exclusive. While the appeal of Crash Bandicoot may have soured over the last few releases this would be a huge coup for Sony. Activision who currently own the rights to Crash Bandicoot have not released a great game with him for a number of years. Now to be fair not all the Activision Crash Bandicoot games have been terrible, but they later ones lost a great deal of the charm of what made Crash such a great character. Maybe Sony getting the rights back could make Crash relevant in the video game world once again.

Part of what made those early Crash Bandicoot games so great of course was that Naughty Dog were the guys behind the games. Now granted Naughty Dog these days would probably be far too busy working on the next Uncharted game or perhaps even a sequel to The Last Of Us to start from scratch on a brand new Crash Bandicoot adventure, but Sony do have a number of great studios would could be up to the task.

Activision have denied that they are looking to offload Crash Bandicoot, but at this stage do they really need him? The Crash games are not the huge sellers they once were so who knows maybe they would be willing to sell the rights to Sony.

Do you guys think that Sony should try and get crash Bandicoot back as a Playstation exclusive?

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  1. If Sony does get it back then they should just re-create the whole series starting from “one” to show everyone the mistakes that were made in the past will never happen again, and too show that this is a new beginning for “Crash” and hopefully there will be no end again ;). That’s just my opinion tho=

  2. jamie croft says:

    yes they should because they could class it as a retro game because all of us 90’s people loved this and i think it will boom back into business and also it would be good if you’s made like an all in one crash bandicoot like (racing, role playing, co-op mode, online mode) things like this scream play this because it’s awesome (and it could be ranged at all ages) and if you have an online mode you will have a game that beats mario kart !!! jcroft17 :) consider it !!!

  3. Daniel Niebergall says:

    I think Sony should buy back the rights to the franchise but only if they can convince Naughty Dog to take on the project. Naughty dog were the masterminds of the original crash games and I wouldn’t want to trust anyone else to bring back the magic I felt as a kid playing those games on Playstation One back in the day! I think Naughty Dog is the best game developer out there right now and I would hope they could find time in their busy schedule to make it happen!

  4. Alex Villalobos says:

    i think we should get crash as an exclusive back on playstation because that game franchise is great. it brings in children to wnat to buy the game and also sell more playstation4s. that game is not only for kids, but its for everyone no matter if it looks like a kids game. Imagine all the things we can do with the new crash game if it came to ps4. It would be a huge rebirth for the franchise and it would be the best game ever!