November 8, 2013
PS4 box art

Sony ‘Holding Back Consoles For Launch Day’

If you haven’t yet pre ordered and feeling concerned as to whether you will be able to purchase a PS4, then you might be pleased to hear that SCE CEO Jack Tretton has confirmed that Sony will be holding back […]
November 8, 2013
PlayStation logo next to a pixelated heart symbol and 'Dev's. Reading PlayStation loves devs.

Shuhei Yoshida: Indie games will fill the gap between the AAA Titles

Sony is placing a significant interest in indie games for the next generation of PlayStation, but why all of a sudden? In an interview with Famitsu, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida clarified that part of the reason to support indie […]
November 7, 2013
ps4 and dualshock 4 with plain white background

Watch the BEST PS4 trailer of 2013!

Watch the best PS4 trailer of 2013 edited by our Senior Editor: Riz!
November 6, 2013
deep down warrior vs dragon


Capcom’s Deep Down was one of the first games to be shown back in February at the PS4 reveal, and since then there hasn’t really been much to say about the game other than it has damn good visuals. From […]
September 3, 2013

Is PlayStation Plus Compulsory For Online Gaming On The PS4?

In short, yes. PlayStation Plus is required to play the vast majority of games online on the PS4. However Sony have stated that it will be at the developers discretion as to whether or not the player needs to have a […]