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5 Games That Would Be Perfect For Project Morpheus

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Aside from the games shown at GDC earlier this year, do any of us know what mainstream, normal games will be available for PS4’s own VR headset, Project Morpheus?  No.  Well, in that case, it’s up to your and my imaginations.  So, here goes:

1) Mirror’s Edge 2 – for me, this game immediately sprung to mind as a great game for Project Morpheus due to the use of heights and the illusion of speed that were the foundations for the first game.  I feel that Project Morpheus would really emphasise these feelings of speed and momentum, provided that they are carried over into the sequel.  However, for those of you with vertigo (fear of heights) out there, this may not be a very good option for you.

Just imagine looking down on the city below... wait, no. Don't

Just imagine looking down on the city below… wait, no. Don’t

2) Far Cry 4 – when the Oculus Rift came out, along with Mirror’s Edge, my first idea for a game for the Rift was Far Cry 3.  The sheer scale of that game with its high points (i.e. towers and cliffs) and the ability the player had to glide through the air in a parachute, wingsuit and windglider would be perfect for a VR headset.  These feelings will only become more common in Far Cry 4 due to it being set in a little mountain range known as the Himalayas!  Please Ubisoft and Sony?

3) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Battlefield 5/Bad Company 3 – I know, this is technically two games in one, but they’re both practically the same (both FPSs, both have single and multiplayer elements, etc.).  Anyway, I’ve always wanted a perfected first-person shooter for virtual reality, so I believe a CoD/Battlefield-Project Morpheus collaboration could really do the trick.  However, I’d place more hope in a VR-compatible Battlefield game, rather than this year’s Call of Duty as a longer time period means more time to perfect the VR features and implement in a better way.  Also, depending on how it is pulled off, VR players may have a distinct advantage over people who aren’t using it in multiplayer.  Therefore, there may need to be separate multiplayer playlists in the games for those with and without Project Morpheus.

Imagine these hands all up close and personal in your vision

Imagine these hands all up close and personal in your vision

4) Outlast/Daylight – OK, this is an obvious one, but there’s a reason for that.  Despite it increasing their need to go to the toilet, people love horror games (me included).  But if people love something even more than that, it’s virtual reality horror games.  This is why I believe that Outlast and Daylight (both first-person horror titles) would be fantastic if they were to be given a shot at VR on the PS4… y’know, because Outlast definitely wasn’t scary enough in normal mode, right?  Having said this, many of us will either have played or watched walkthroughs of Outlast and Daylight by then, so a sequel for both may be needed for the VR versions of these two games, as opposed to VR versions of the original games.

5) DriveClub – Sony’s delayed, socially-driven, next-gen, first-person racer is ready to push boundaries come its release later this year.  What better way for it to push even more boundaries than for it to be compatible with Sony’s VR headset?  Of course, as it is coming out this year, it won’t be able to support Project Morpheus at the launch of the game (it’s estimated that Project Morpheus will come out at some point next year).  Whether or not DriveClub will need a re-release or an extensive, sizeable patch in order to support VR capabilities is yet to be seen.

DriveClub's first-person visuals are perfect for Project Morpheus

DriveClub’s first-person visuals are perfect for Project Morpheus

Do you agree with this list?  What other games would you like to see supporting VR for the PS4?  Let us know in the comments below!


If you would like to contact me directly, my Twitter is: https://twitter.com/ps3nutter

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